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  • architectureportfolioana sarimaster of architecture and urban planning

  • 1 family house, zagreb

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    2 elementary school, zagreb

    3 fashion business park, zagreb

    4 football stadium, zadar

    5 pogon jedinstvo, zagreb


  • family house, precko, zagreb

    3rd semester of Undergraduate Architecture School, Zagrebmentors: mr.sc Sonja Tadej, architect, dr.sc. Damir Krajnik, architect

    programs: AutoCad, Photoshop

    The family house is located in suburban area of Zagreb, in currently uninhabitated area planned to be new neigh-bourhood with both residential buildings and single family houses. Concept came from that fact - we still dont know the relation of houses and buildings and green spaces be-tween them. Basic volume of the house follows the sun movements. It openes where there is a need for light and closes where there is a need for shade. It provides shade to the highest sun and openes to area where there is need for more. House is designed for family of four but with possibility to be easly rearranged for more residents.

  • Using the basic technique of playing with volumes, the house was made as an assemblage of boxes connected together in a volume that will in the end be filled with purposes accoarding to family needs. The same quality of space is provided both inside and outside. Connection with outdoor space is equally present in all rooms and in the base plan - nature enters the house and becomes room.

    basic volume

    cutting the volume for family needs

    sun analyses position in neighbourhood

    cutting the volume for family needs

    final shape

    floors floors + zones

  • 1st floor plan

    2nd floor plan

    section 1-1

  • section 2-2

    north elevation

    south elevation

    east elevation

    west elevation

  • 5th semester of Undergraduate Architecture School, Zagrebmentors: Vanja Rister, architect, dr.sc. Damir Krajnik, architect

    programs: AutoCad, Photoshop

    Elementary school, Zagreb

    An elementary school is a symbol of growing up. Its the first step from growing into adult - a first place where we have to focus and do tasks. Its a place where we spend most of our time away from home. In the urban area of small family houses with many green areas between them the result of design was simple - bring those two parts together in a unit that doesnt change gen-eral atmosphere and provides a child his first step into adult world to be less stressfull. School is organised in theme clusters that are connected with green areas - open classrooms, to equalize indoor and outdoor studying.

  • Neighbourhood Trenjevka is one of the oldest in the city of Zagreb. Some of the houses date from 18th century, but the biggest expan-sion was in the middle 19th century. Being located outside of historical city of Zagreb, Trenjevka copied the idea of blocks but interpreted it by using small, mostly 2 storeys family houses (instead of residential building), and inner yard was used as small agriculture area. The block remained till today, but the houses are being more and more replaced with small residentail buildings in total area of one block, so the urban structure did not change. With this changes, unfortunately the neigh-bourhood lost its charm and gives an impression of mess. The school and its outdoor area with its volume bring back some old feelings and preserve urban idea.

  • sqaure - basic plan of house

    dividing into smaller squares - rooms

    square + green = house + yard

    different purposes of squares - each has its own equal green surface

    communication between squares appears on their connection points

  • detail of the facade - connection point of firm concrete structure and classroom glass

  • Classroom and class cluster

    Each school subject has its own classroom.Group of school subjects clasrooms belong to one class cluster.Clasrooms with offices for teachers are connected in one group and gathered around small square - language square, science square, art square, ... Its a meeting and presentation point of topics and achivements of students in one field.

  • fashion business park, zagreb

    6th semester of Undergraduate Architecture School, Zagrebmentors: mr.sc. Sonja Tadej, architect, dr.sc. Krunoslav mit, architect

    programs: AutoCad, Photoshop

    For the city of Zagreb people say its the place with biggest living room in the world. Saturday mornings are the time when we take out our best outfits and walk the fashion prom-enade on Flower Square. Location of 6th semester task was the entrance to the city centre. Its a gap between highest density residential area and lower city blocks. The complex consists of several hangars as a memory of formal industrial area, conected with translucent cubes as entrance points. Its a showroom and creative incubator for Croatian fashion designers. The concept of fashion prom-enade - the catwalk - is the base form for hangars, leaving the free space in between for outdoor workshops and exhi-bitions.

  • facade concept

    tin hangars without windows are being peeled off on specific areas. This peeled parts become opened gaps in firm hangar structure - windows.

    first floor

    conversion of space

    individual cells


    conferance lecture party workshop

    second floor third floor

  • individual cells


    individual cells


    roof plan

  • football stadium, zadar

    1st semester of Master Architecture School, Zagrebmentors: Helena Njiri, architect

    programs: AutoCad, Photoshop, Sketchup

    The location of football stadium is in neighbourhood Sta-novi, on the same place where former stadium was. Its an urban area of mostly 2 floors single family houses with very high density. The main question for the concept was how to bring together big structure like stadium into surrounding of 7 meters high houses. The answer is to bring them both into one unit. The structure of the stadium is massive concrete and forms a unique sculpture, a landmark in the area, and all other services inside, that are used by people are in the scale of houses around - attached to the structure. The atmosphere inside the stadium is to have family house scale corners that are reached by walking through firm concrete open struc-ture.

  • Concept for stadium surrounding area is to built a sports park that is open for public all the time. By implementing recre-ational open fields in the shade of stadium, architectue becomes not just sculpture in space but as well the motivator for physical activity.

    green + pedestrian area pedestrian paths filling the pedestrian area with cubes same size like houses in surrounding

    infiltration of same concept to rest of area

  • ground levelsection 1-1

    section 2-2

    front elevation

    side elevation

    first level

    second level

    third level

  • pogon jedinstvo, zagreb

    Master Thesis, School of Architecture, Zagrebmentor: mr.sc. Sonja Tadej, architect

    programs: AutoCad, Sketchup, Photoshop, AdobeIllustrator

    Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagrebs centre for independent culture and youth is situated in former factory of boilers build in 1947. Its a typical post-war industrial architecture, in a very good condition with all modern facilities. Attached to the main house is a small punk-rock club called Movara, cen-tral point of alternative subculture of Croatia. The master thesis idea was to give the city a whole new area for alternative culture and experimental art. Todays spaces are not enough, but need for this kind of entertain-ment is very present.

  • Location: the North shore of river Sava. The city of Zagreb is located between the river and the mountain, and its connec-tion to the river is only through its banks. The banks are used spontaneously, without any urban equipment, but still its one of the most popular recreation points in todays city and favourite escape into the nature. It is an empty gap surround-ed by high residential socialistic architecture and unique moment of natures wildness in one of Europes capitals. Shakespeares verse All the worlds a stage inspired the idea of building stages - modern structures to overlook the river with different contents for all age seen there. The banks will remain untouched, as well as rivers section, the users will continue to do their daily routines, but now as well on stages where they can perform their everyday life.

    stage as an extension of bank

    stage above the bank stage connected to bank stage follows banks section

  • Main stage concept

    The biggest stage is the only one with firm structure - it con-sists of old boiler factory and two new buildings: theater and new house for club Movara. All three objects are attached into central plateau whose parts enter the buildings and form audience spaces inside. The plateau is above the bank and with its shape it becomes the auditorium for the river.

  • The architecture of only existing building stays the same - accent is on big com-pletely open space with dominated beam grid, and only new are utilities such as toilet and cloak room. The floor incluedes one sqare stage that consists of 4 smaller stages movable around the space on rails inserted in the floor. This stage creates a space for various different performances such as concert, fashion show, workshop, ...

  • zagreb, october 2016

    Ana is a Zagreb based architect and set designer. After finishing Master School of Architecture in Zagreb, she started to work in film industry on various positions in Art Department such as Game of Thrones (2014), Fan (2015) and Papillon (2016). Work in this i