2010 - Basta!: REST mit ASP.NET MVC

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Transcript of 2010 - Basta!: REST mit ASP.NET MVC

  1. 1. Daniel Fisher [email protected] MVC den REST geben
  2. 2. devcoach.com Leistungen Beratung und Projektbegleitung Software-Entwicklung Training Technologien ASP.NET Web Forms & MVC WCF & WF Silverlight & MonoTouch Kunden Versicherung, Finanzindustrie, Mittelstand, Handel, Kommunikation, Softwarehersteller u.v.a. Bundesamt fr Sicherheit in der Informationstechnologie, Microsoft Dresdner Bank Und Sie? Project Experience Technology Know-how devcoach
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  4. 4. Efficient Communication
  5. 5. Agenda ASP.NET MVC REST REST with ASP.NET MVC Summary
  7. 7. Bttenrede Der ViewState is ne falsche Sache - Mir wolle was ganz and'res mache! Code-Behind mit 11 tausend Lines of Code - Das ist doch der Maintenance- Tod! Post-Back und Controls im Web, dass kannst'e doch nich' testen, Depp!
  8. 8. Concepts Nice URLs & Routing Process over just add a Form Loads of naming conventions Code, Code, Code As strongly typed as possible! Once build, forever used
  9. 9. Nice URLs Vs
  10. 10. Process
  11. 11. The MVC Pattern The request hits the controller Loads the model Returns the view to return to the client Controller Model View
  12. 12. Strongly Typed m.Title) %> Instead of
  13. 13. Concepts cont. No Code-Behind for ASPXs No Postbacks No Viewstate No controls out of Redmond!
  14. 14. IIS sends Response ViewResult.Render ViewResult locates corresponding View ActionResult. ExecuteResult ActionResult builds ViewData / Model Controller.{Action}Controller.ExecuteIControllerFactory IHttpHandler. ProcessRequest MvcRouteHandler (IHttpHandler) IRouteHandler. GetHttpHandler URLRoutingModule IIS takes Request
  15. 15. Defining Routes routes.Ignore("*.svc"); routes.IgnoreRoute("{resource}.axd/{*pathInfo}"); routes.MapRoute( "Default", // Route name "{controller}/{action}/{id}", // URL with parameters new { controller = "Home", action = "Index", id = "" });
  16. 16. Actions public ActionResult Index() { return View(); }
  17. 17. Passing Data public ActionResult Index() { ViewData["Message"] = "Welcome to ASP.NET MVC!"; return View(); }
  18. 18. Passing Typed Data public ActionResult Index() { var p = new Person(); return View(p); }
  19. 19. Model Binder public ActionResult Save(Person p) { // No need to cope with Form/QueryString return View(); }
  20. 20. ASPX Views Untyped Typed
  21. 21. Event-driven RESTful ASP.NET RoR, MonoRail, ASP.NET MVC Stateful Stateless Heavyweight Lightweight Overcomes HTTP Embraces HTTP Widgets HTML 3rd-party controls DIY Design view Code view GUI Web page Postbacks POSTs Web 1.0 (uncool) Web 2.0 (cool)
  22. 22. WHAT IS REST?
  23. 23. What is REST? A term coined by Roy Fielding Style of architecture Resource based Cacheable NOT SOAP, NOR SESSION Web Standards!
  24. 24. What is REST Every Resource has a unique URI But it's NOT about CRUD! Relies on HTTP verbs Deliver Content as Requested
  25. 25. Action Attributes HttpPost, HttpGet, HttpDelete, RequiresHttps Authorize ...
  26. 26. Action Filters public class MyFilter : ActionFilterAttribute { public override void OnActionExecuting( ActionExecutingContext filterContext) { // Your code here } }
  27. 27. Action Results public class ModelResult : ActionResult { public override void ExecuteResult( ControllerContext context) { var r = context.HttpContext.Response; r.Write(); } }
  28. 28. Summary ASP.NET MVC offers an alternative to WCF WebHTTP features It's more Web Fully integrated into a web application It's less Services No other protocols No WSDL No Proxies