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OPAL , September 2009. Achim Lang, Intermec Technologies. Agenda. Wer ist Intermec Technologies Adressierte Lösungen Vertriebliche Aufstellung Partnermodell Warehouse Lösungen Innovationen. Wer ist Intermec Technologies. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Achim Lang, Intermec TechnologiesOPAL , September 2009

  • AgendaWer ist Intermec TechnologiesAdressierte LsungenVertriebliche AufstellungPartnermodellWarehouse LsungenInnovationen

  • Wer ist Intermec Technologies Intermec stellt Expertise, Produkte & Dienstleistungen zur Verfgung, die den Kunden in die Lage versetzen, wichtige Unternehmensressourcen zu identifizieren, zu verfolgen und zu verwalten.

  • Technologiefhrer

    Seit 1996 hat Intermec mehr als 25% der Patente in seiner Industry verffentlicht153 RFID Patente

  • Intermec TechnologiesSeit 1966 fhrender Entwickler und Hersteller fr Mobile Datenerfassung, Barcodelsungen (Drucken, Scannen), Datenfunk und RFID10 Jahre RFID Erfahrung als Technologiefhrer2.400 Mitarbeiter 1 Mrd. US$ UmsatzMitglied in ISO, EPCGlobal, AIM und anderen fhrenden Standardisierungsorganisationenber 700 Patente, davon 80 im Datenfunk, 150 in RFIDRFID Equipment vorbereitet fr IBM Websphere, SAP AII, Oracle Edge, usw.Weltweiter Service & Support

  • Intermec Sales and ServicesGlobal HeadquartersRegional OfficesMajor Regional Service DepotsPrsent in ber 80 LndernAustraliaBeNeLuxBrazilChinaDenmarkDubaiFinlandFranceGermanyItaly

    KoreaMexicoNorwayRussiaSingaporeSpainSwedenTurkeyUnited KingdomCanada

    Everett, WA Headquarters USA and CanadaIrvine, CA Headquarters Latin AmericaReading, UK Headquarters EMEASingapore Headquarters Asia Pacific

  • AgendaWer ist Intermec TechnologiesAdressierte LsungenVertriebliche AufstellungPartnermodellWarehouse LsungenInnovationen

  • Kostendruck / MargenverlustGlobaler Wettbewerb / Hohe Kundenanforderungen, wie Sprachsteuerung im KommisionierungsbereichImmer noch zu hoher manueller Aufwand aufgrund der Daten- und Prozessqualitt Adressierte Lsungen & Herausforderungen am MarktAuslastung von Anlagen & Mitarbeitern muss optimiert werdenEffizienzsteigerung in Prozessen notwendigQualitt von Daten & Automatisierung von Prozessen sind Schlsselfaktoren

  • Komplettes AutoID AngebotBarcode Drucker und VerbrauchsmaterialenSupport & Services

  • Wireless Barcode/RFID Label Printing with barcode and RFID enabled printers and mediaScan Barcodes Untethered with Windows driven fixed/vehicle mounted computers and cordless scannersAccurate Inventory Scanning with mobile computersand RFID interrogatorsReal Time Order Tracking and Customer Service with WWAN and GPS enabled mobile computers and printersFaster Picking with speech recognitionSmartSystem for remote device deployment and managementHigh Speed Data Collection with Cisco Wireless LAN infrastructureTrack Deliveries and print receipts with mobile computers and printersAccurate Pallet and Container Tracking with RFID labels/tagsAutomatic RFID Tag Reading with fixed and forlklift mount interrogatorsAuto-ID Bandbreite

  • Warehouse ApplicationsOrder Scheduling and StagingReceiving/ Cross-dockingElectronic ManifestCase Picking/ Inventory Cycle CountingAudit/StagingPut-a-way/Picking

  • Industrial Goods Manufacturing& Warehouse OperationMarket Leader in der Production und Lager-Lsungenber 75% der Top 500 in der Global-Industrie sind Intermec Kunden

    Technology Expertise und Standards PromotionMost rugged and dependable products in the marketBroadest product lineI-Safe and ATEX certified productsSpeech recognition

    Emerging RFID solutions for every requirementProduct genealogyLean and agile manufacturingPremise and shipment securityPlant maintenance and asset management

  • AgendaWer ist Intermec TechnologiesAdressierte LsungenVertriebliche AufstellungPartnermodellWarehouse LsungenInnovationen

  • Vertriebliche AufstellungField ServiceTransprot&LogistikRetailManufactoring

    Vertical Sales

    Channel Sales


  • Industry / Application PrioritiesRFID Supply ChainStore OperationsWarehouse Operations

  • AgendaWer ist Intermec TechnologiesAdressierte LsungenVertriebliche AufstellungPartnermodellWarehouse LsungenInnovationen

  • OPAL ist Honour Premier Partner, hchste Stufe

    Partner Status

  • AgendaWer ist Intermec TechnologiesAdressierte LsungenVertriebliche AufstellungPartnermodellWarehouse Lsungen mit SprachsteuerungInnovationen & Outlook

  • Was ist Multimodal?Multimodal access. The combination of multiple data capture technologies in one mobile worker application.Barcode scannersImagersDisplaysTouch screensSignature captureKeyboardsWeigh scalesPrintersAnd voice1 single device + multiple entry mode = lower TCO

  • Sprachlsungen Mikrofon und leistungsfhiger Lautsprecher integriertUntersttzung vielfltiger Sprachlsungen, Pick by Voice und Push-To-Talk

    topsystem Client zertifiziert auf dem CK3Leistungsfhiger Akku mit 18,5wh

  • Vorteile von Voice-Directed WorkHands-freeNo terminal to handle, no keys to pushNo picking labels to manageMost natural form of communicationSupervisor in your earAbility to use variety of languagesResult:Free hands = greater productivityGreater focus = less errorsGreater focus = greater safetyBetter communication delivery method = reduced training time

  • AgendaWer ist Intermec TechnologiesAdressierte LsungenVertriebliche AufstellungPartnermodellWarehouse Lsungen mit SprachsteuerungInnovationen & Outlook

  • Revolutionary EX25 Scan EngineNear/Far Area Imaging Technology

    First near-far scan engine to read 1D, 2D, composite and postal codes, eliminating need for multiple scanners.

    From 6 to 50 in any orientation.

    Imaging capabilities capture photos of damaged, expired or unsealed goods and proof-of-delivery documents.

    Incorporated into CK31ex, CK61ex and SR61ex devices.

  • 2008-2010Product



    WWANData Collection





    WLANWPANGSM/EDGE, EVDO Rev 0UMTS/HSPA,EVDO Rev ALTE, WiMAXVoice & DataLocation ServicesStreaming VideoBluetoothNFCPeripheral ConnectivityContact less PaymentZigbeeRFID TagSensor NetworkPush to Talk802.11a/b/g802.11n802.11n ExtensionsTerminalEmulationSpeech PickingWalkie TalkieLocation ServicesEin Blick in die Zukunft

  • 2008-2010Product






    ApplicationsUser InterfaceNear/Far2D ImagerArea Imager Laser AimerArea Imager w/ Color CameraBarcode ReadingAsset TrackingVolumetric AnalysisIntegrated LCDMicro ProjectorMerch- andisingKeypad & StylusVoiceGesturesData EntryRemote DisplaySignature CaptureText-to- SpeechHeads-UpEin Blick in die Zukunft II

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  • Vielen Dank!

    ****Market leader in production floor and warehouse solutionsAIDC leader in automotive and aerospace industriesOver 75% of the Global Industry Week 500 are Intermec customersTechnology expertise and standards promotionProven reputation for the most rugged and dependable products in the marketLeadership in both technology and application standards organizationsBroadest product line from rugged mobile, vehicle mount and stationary computers; multi-technology scanners; bar code printers and media; wireless LAN; to RFIDMost complete line of I-Safe and ATEX certified productsEmerging RFID solutions for every requirementProduct genealogy allows complete history to travel with the productLean and agile manufacturing techniques, including Just-in-Sequence requirementsPremise and shipment security, tracking who, what, where and whenPlant maintenance and asset management

    ****Intermec also closely watches many emerging technologies. Here are 2 slides from our Chief Technology Officer which show some of the technologies we are following and potentially how they would potentially relate to applications.

    For example on this slide we can see at the top the evolution of WWAN technologies.

    As we integrate 3G technologies to our mobile products extra applications can be created on the device that require superior data rates. For example video streaming could be used for remote worker training download videos*On this slide at the top you can see the evolution of imaging technologies which will lean towards providing volumetric analysis. This will be key for parcel companies looking to charge for parcels on a size basis versus a weight basis.

    Also on the bottom you can see the move towards heads up displays that may come equipped with Bluetooth headsets for display of data from a mobile computer directly in front of the users eye. This may or may not prove to provide a feasible way of increasing picking productivity *