Berlin Open 09: Architekturen sozialer Netzwerke -- Fallbeispiel MySQL

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Netzwerke, wie LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Xing, aber auch Flickr, Picasa, WordPress, YouTube u.v.a., steigen ein als neue Mittel für Marketing und Community Building. Dies betrifft Unternehmen, FOSS-Projekte sowie einzelne Akteure -- Entwickler, Forscher, Investoren. Dieser praxisbezogene Vortrag beschreibt die Möglichkeiten der Web 2.0 für eine effizientere Kommunikation, mit MySQL als Fallbeispiel.

Transcript of Berlin Open 09: Architekturen sozialer Netzwerke -- Fallbeispiel MySQL

  • 1. Social NetworkingBerlin Open 09 23.6.2009: Architekturen sozialer Netwzerke: Das Fallbeispiel MySQL

2. Wer seine Ziele undsein Leben heute im Web 2.0 widerspiegelt, kann einfache Siege in die Tasche stecken. 3. Unternehmen FOSS-ProjekteEntwickler ForscherInvestoren -- Alle! -- 4. Das Risiko eines schlechten Auftrittswird nicht durchAbwesenheit aufgehoben 5. Zu viel Theorie amAnfang eines neuenPhnomens schadet, genauso wie zu wenigSystematik 6. Topics How do I map my real life network on the web? How should MySQL map its network onto the current networking tools? Guinea Pig = Kaj (and MySQL) 7. Sample networkingtools Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Blog Phone Party Seminar 8. Why network? Solve problems Be social Help others Get help For fun For prot 9. My network 10. Twelve recommended networks 11. And, thepurpose? Spokesperson @Sun Attract attention for MySQL Share news Scalable interaction Ofoad email 12. Technicaltricks Twitter from SMS FB status from Twitter Blogs to Google Reader Blogs to FB, LI Use same pic everywhere Reuse existing texts Host pics on Picasa 13. Involve the family Children are digital natives They (may) have their own networks Text? Photo? Video? 14. Bragging OK? Yes and no Yes: Presenting favourable facts, avoiding drunk pics No: Real bragging The line is ne 15. Multiple identities? Multiple languages: OK Job self and private self: Also OK Dont be too private Be very careful with stuff others perceive as negative Dont portray others in a negative way 16. Strengths (of social networking) More social interaction Sense of belonging Bridge distances Good advice Avoid mistakes Save time 17. Weaknesses (of social networking) Time consuming Learning Keeping order (pics, passwords) Get carried away 18. Opportunities (in social networking) Find new customers (or suppliers) Find a new job (or new employees) Find investors (or investment oppts) Improve social life In Real Life 19. Threats (in social networking) Somebody else writes negatively about you You dont defend yourself Drunk pics, sexism, racism, bad jokes Stealing PWs Writing stuff you regret (where you cant delete it) 20. Start writing! Start small (not with a marathon) Start with comments! Post articles in Facebook, LinkedIn Pay for a good pic! Start a blog Continue to comment what others do Consider Twitter 21. Good topics Event invitations Thank you notes Recommendations of suppliers Book reviews Restaurant reviews Event reports Travel reports 22. What shouldyou avoid? Being negative Being arrogant Drunk pics, text Sex, racism Non-constructive criticism Im ofine = steal now! 23. Reuse Columns for publications Presentations Proposals Reports Blog entries Emails to friends LinkedIn, Facebook 24. My todo list Comment often Write more often, in several languages Spam lter akismet order Aggregate twitter feed Customers philosophy Photo IT Mac video Travel mountains run 25. Pre-net book Golden rules Plenty of insight In no way dependent on Social Web In every way applicable on Social Web 26. Do I still have your attention? 27. Do askquestions! [email protected] http://kaj.arno. /twitter /linkedin /facebook /picasa @kajarno on Twitter Comment on blogs