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  • The Liebherr Working Tools

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    Tool-System for a variety of jobsLiebherr working tools for excavators were designed as problem solvers for the most varied applications. The carefully balanced program ranges from standard buckets for digging and loading of loosened material to buckets for heavy-duty jobs in the mining industry with extreme break-out forces and high wear and tear. Equipped with effective, to the relating ground match-ing teeth the Liebherr digging tools provide a maximum productivity and longevity.

    PerformanceLiebherr digging tools are particularly productive excavator components at the very latest technological level. Special bucket shapes, permit maximum transmission of power, provide the best penetration- and outstanding dig-ging characteristics. Optimized bucket capacities and improved heap-cones provide the best turn-over performance.

    ReliabilityLiebherr digging tools are in-house designed and manufactured. Specific material selection, specialized heat treatment and lowest machining toler-ances are utilized in order to achieve the especially toughness and the high longevity. The convincing result: outstanding dependability under the most severe job conditions.

    ComfortThe careful and precise calibration of bucket shape and tooth selection provides the ideal digging tool for each job. The proven and reliable quick-change system LIKUFIX permits the split-second, safe exchange of me-chanical and hydraulic attaching tools by the press of a button from the cab. LIKUFIX attaching tools also work on hydraulic excavators with Liebherr quick change adapters without LIKUFIX - that means full flexibility and high comfort in every situation.

    EfficiencyLiebherr digging tools provide a maximum of profitability. The Liebherr quick change systems increase productivity especially in applications with varying attaching tools. The 24/7 availability of wear parts and the easy exchange procedure safe time and money as well. Because of the modular design, the change systems and tools are very suitable for future tasks.

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    Tool-System for a variety of jobs

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    Bucket optionsWhether loose dirt, abrasive material or hard rock quality and effectiveness of every excavator job are affected by the targeted selection of the suitable bucket. Therefore, Liebherr has designed a wide range of bucket options, which are especially suitable for an applicable job due to the shape, material selection and technical fittings. Practical experi-ence and continued attention to product development assure that Liebherr buckets are always state-of-the-art technology.

    Backhoe bucket with teeth

    Backhoe bucket with cutting edge

    HD-backhoe bucket

    Backhoe bucket with limited digging depth

    Backhoe bucket with clip-on cutting edge

    Backhoe bucket with univer-sal mounting bracket

    Suitable for very abrasive materials due to wear protection and side reinforcement

    Suitable for digging up hard ground

    A backhoe bucket with teeth that can be equipped with a cutter if required

    Suitable for any rapid-change systems

    Optimum penetration due to low digging resistance

    If the rapid-change slot of a backhoe bucket is wider than the backhoe bucket itself, this limits the digging depth. For cases such as this Liebherr offers backhoe buckets with an extended basic shape. This increases the maximum digging depth.

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    Tilt bucketTiltable ditch cleaning bucket

    Rigid ditch cleaning bucket

    Suitable for shaping, levelling and grading earth walls

    Ideal when using a tilt rotator

    Suitable for levelling and excavation

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    Backhoe bucketsBackhoe buckets are essential tools for Liebherr excavators. Due to their well thought-out geometry, the weight optimized genuine buckets are well matched to the Liebherr excavators. Good penetration characteristics and high productivity are the results.

    Backhoe bucket with teeth (technical data on page 35)Applications Typical utility jobs with medium to high break-out forces Digging and loading of loosened material, e.g. dirt or clay

    Features Weld-on tooth adapters Generous cutting lip thickness Bucket back reinforcement with wear resistant material

    Benefits Buckets are optimally matched to excavator model Versatility Good penetration characteristic easy filling and dumping due to improved

    bucket geometry effortless eroding possible due to long

    bucket base

    Backhoe bucket with cutting edge(technical data on page 35)Applications General civil engineering Utility Garden- and landscaping work Loading

    Features Weld-on cutting lip Bucket-back reinforcements with wear

    resistant material

    Benefits Efficient operation easy grading of surfaces easy filling and dumping due to improved bucket geometry effortless eroding possible due to long bucket base low digging resistance as a backhoe bucket with clip-on

    cutting edge with identical bucket radius high fuel efficiency

    Backhoe bucket with teeth

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    Backhoe bucket with cutting edge Backhoe bucket with clip-on cutting edge

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    L-shape*With a longer bottom and strongly curved side cutters. Suitable for rocky ground conditions as well as loading of hard and coarse material (large boulders) and to place rip-rap for embankment construction.

    Various bucket shapes

    Cutting edge shapes

    Straight edge*With straight cutting lips for general loading jobs. Good floor maintenance capability.

    Delta edge**With the pointed V-shaped cutting lip and pull-up single tooth at the center for difficult to break, layered material. Optimal penetration characteristics for severe ripping jobs.

    V-delta edge**With the trapezoidal cutting lip and pulled-up teeth in the center for difficult to break, layered material. Optimal penetration characteristics, low torsion due to center target, limited floor maintenance capability.

    V-delta Delta Straight


    starting R 936 (R 934) and for large machines

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    Bucket versions

    Standard*Wear resistance cutting edge and bottom with weld-on tooth adapter. Suitable for general utility, for digging and loading of matured and loosened but not abrasive materi-al such as top soil, clay etc..

    HD*Additional back- (wear- and denting protection) and side reinforcements, weld-on tooth adapters for excava-tor jobs with a higher use. Suitable for digging and loa-ding of harder and abrasive materials such as topsoil, rock, sand/clay, sand/gravel and limestone with low to medium quality.

    HDV**Additional back- and side reinforcement, weld-on tooth adapter, reinforced cutting lip and additional wear parts. Suitable for extreme excavator jobs such as quarry or demolition, for digging and loading of mixed soil with high share of rock and other abrasive material such as rock, slag, quartz etc..

    *starting R 936 (R 934) **only for large excavators




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    The right tooth for every appl icationThe economic use of a hydraulic excavator is only possible if the tooth shape matches the relating application. Liebherr offers a broad tooth program with tooth shapes for every task.

    Due to its low overall heigth and the slim, self-sharpening tooth shape the Liebherr U-system stands for best diggning behavior at lowest penetration resistance. Highly wear-resistant steel provides familiar reliability under hard conditions, which has already stood the test on wheel loaders. The lateral rolled pin fastening allows a simple and safe change of teeth.

    Pointed toothHD-toothStandard tooth

    Features:Pointed tooth for good penetration, reversible.

    Application:for very hard and frozen soil, non-friable rock (limestone, shale, brown coal, mining of wall gravel etc.).

    Features:Cap with high share of material for long service life in wear-intensive applications.

    Application:for extremely abrasive soils (granite, basalt, sandstone, rocks with high share of silica etc.).

    Features:symetric caps with cut-out at the front, self sharpening, reversible.

    Application:for friable and medium-weight friable soils (loamy sand, gravel, soft brown coal, soft/ medium clay etc.).

    Liebherr Uni tooth system: A 910 Compact (A 309) - A 918 (A 900) / R 918 - R 920 (technical data on page 42)

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    The right tooth for every appl ication

    Liebherr Z tooth system: A 918 (A 900) / R 920 - R 980 SME(technical data on page 43)

    The optimized tooth design leads to efficiency increase of the Liebherr Z-system on the jobsite. The low digging resistance, the self-sharpening tooth shape or the simple hammer-free change of teeth speak for the Liebherr Z-system. The teeth are made out of high-strength steel which distinguishes itself through highest wear resistance and long service life.



    CL-tooth CR-tooth

    P-tooth PF-tooth

    Features:The conical shape allows for very good penetra-tion capacity in non-cohesive soils.

    Application:Friable soils and weak non-cohesive soils, such as loose, loamy sand, fine to medium gravels, and wet or soft clay.

    Features:Narrow cutting width and high wear volume for high penetrating forces and extended life.

    Application:Hard-to-penetrate ground, particularly abrasivematerials, rock, i. e. limestone, shale, very hard clay, lignite.

    Features:Long-drawn pointed shape with sharp cutting edge for very good penetration properties.

    Application:Medium-weight friable and non-cohesive soil types up to soils with medium plasticity, such as hard, loamy sand, medium-hard clay, and fine to medium gravel.

    Features:The long drawn tip allows for good penetration in broken ground and debris. The wide, thick sole of th