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  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +2 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum




















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    +3CHAPLIN- The Legend

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    +4 Chaplin World -The Modern Times Museum

    Chaplin family at Cinma Rex, Vevey, Switzerand, 1962

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    + 5CHAPLIN - The Legend


    Our family is very enthusiastic about supportingthecreation of the Charlie Chaplin Museum on thegroundsof our former family estate situated inCorsier-Sur-Vevey, Switzerland. With its threethousand square metres of substantial andavant-garde exhibits, the museum dedicated toCharlie Chaplin's life and work will stand apartas a new museographic reference showcasingthe very latest technological advances in all itsvarious exhibits. Our father knew how to tellstories, knew how to make us laugh and also

    possessed great humanitarian sensitivity. Amuseumdedicated to his existence and career isa great honour for him and for all of us, but it isabove all a homage to life. We hope he wouldhave been proud to share his former home withthe rest of the world, and we are honoured tobe a part of this great project.

    Michael ChaplinPresident

    Charlie Chaplin Museum Foundation

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    +6 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.

    Charlie Chaplin

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    +8 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    An exceptional life

    Maker of 81 films between 1914 and 1967.

    Ranked among the most prolific and influentialartists of the 20 th Century by spectators, criticsand entertainers.

    Born in London, April 16, 1889.

    1905: Comedian in vaudevillewith theFred KarnoRepertoire Company.

    1910-1912: America tour with the Fred Karnotroupe.

    1914: First Hollywood contract with Mack Sennettand the Keystone Film Company. A star is born.

    1915: Chaplin moves on to the Essanay Company.

    1916: Chaplin signs with the Mutual FilmCorporation to make 12 two-reel comedies.

    1918: Chaplin becomes an independent producer.He creates his own Hollywood studios: La Brea.

    1918: Greeted as anAmer ican hero on Wall Street,where 35,000 people gathered to hear his speechendorsing liberty bonds.

    1919: Co-founder of the United Artists fi lm

    distribution company.

    1921: Triumphant arrival in London, where hewas inundated with 73,000 letters and telegrams,of which 28,000 were appeals for assistanceand help.

    1929: First special award (Oscar) from TheAcademy "for versatility and genius in acting,writing, directing and producing The Circus".

    1920-1952: Maker of film classics such as: The Kid(1921), A Woman of Paris (1923), The Gold Rush(1925), The Circus (1928), City Lights (1931),Modern Times (1936), The Great Dictator (1940),Monsieur Verdoux (1947), Limelight (1952).

    1952: Elevated by the French government to the

    rank of Officer of the Legion of Honour.

    1952: Swept up in the anti-communist hysteriaknown as the McCarthy Era, the Immigration andNaturalization Service of United States revokesChaplin's re-entry permit, exiling Chaplin. Hemoves to the Manoir de Ban in Corsier-sur-Vevey,Switzerland.

    1954: Honoured with the International Peace Prizefrom the World Peace Council.

    1972: Honoured with an Academy Award for hisincalculable effect in making motion picturesthe art form of the century.

    1975: Knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1975.

    Married 4 times and had 11 children, 8 of themwith Oona ONeill, his last wife.

    Died in the Manoir de Ban on December 25, 1977.

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    +9CHAPLIN- The Legend

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    + 10 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    A PLANETARY LEGENDSYMBOL OF...The most popular artist of the 20th Century

    Author, creator, script writer, filmmaker, pantomime performer, musician, producer and artist, Charlie Chaplinranks among the most prolific and influential witnesses, critics and entertainers of the 20th Century.His exceptional body of work has a universal appeal that continues to be disseminated, interpretedand esteemed in the four corners of the world. Charlie Chaplin is:

    One of the worlds most renowned figures, the creator of the Little Tramp, whose ability to stir moviefans to laughter and tears was embraced across all continents.

    A script-writer sensitive to the human condition, whose critical portrayal of the human condition was

    inspired by the dismay and hopes of noble tramps and ordinary people.

    A genius of pantomime who knew how to transcribe body language into cinematic messages thatgave shape to moving and comical film masterpieces.

    A talented producer whose contributions of depth and humanity to an emerging film industry wouldfoster its evolution into a major art form of the 20 th Century.

    A great director who strove passionately for perfection, which resulted in his mastery of image andlight, toppling technical barriers and broadening the horizons of cinematic art.

    A world-class hero that succeeding generations on every continent still associate with positive,human values.

    A citizen of the world!

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    +11CHAPLIN- The Legend


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    + 12 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum


    Leopold Godowsky Mahatma Gandhi Albert Einstein Sir Winston Churchill

    Clara Haskil Queen Elizabeth George Bernard Shaw Anna Pavlova

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    +13CHAPLIN- The Legend

    PRESTIGEThe legend lives on

    Charlie Chaplin is legendary because of theprestige and audacity of his work on the fringesof tradition: it tempts one to take a step from thebeaten path. He is associated with some of thegreatest film masterpieces of the 20th Century.Charlie Chaplin revolutionized the 7th Art, bestowingupon movie goers around the world a legacy ofprestige, excellence, innovation and distinction.

    Charlie Chaplins work is universal. His maincharacter, the Little Tramp, made the worldlaugh with his delightful antics. Even todayCharlie Chaplin remains delightfully popular. Hewas a great man among great men whoseimage has remained intact and ever positive inthe eyes and hearts of people of all backgrounds

    and origins, all over the world.

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    +14 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

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    CHAPLIN MUSEUM - The Project

    A world class museum among the bestof Switzerland

    Located on the Swiss Riviera on the edge of theLavaux region, the Chaplin Museum lies in a regionrecognized as a UNESCO World Heritage sitefor its exceptional and universal value. Thisgeographical location and the proximity of localattractions such as the famous Montreux JazzFestival, the highly visited Castle of Chillon andthe world-renowned Olympic Museum ensure that

    the Chaplin Museum will rank among prestigiousplaces of interest that generate broad visibility.With Charlie Chaplins status as a film legend, themuseum is also bound to become a cult venuefor movie fans the world over, in keeping with thereputation of its namesake. It is predestined forsuccess consistant with the international reputationof its flag bearer, and will undoubtedly becomeSwitzerlands most highly publicized cultural and

    tourist attraction on the international stage.

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    +16 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    A mythical manor symbol of a legendary story

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    +17CHAPLIN MUSEUM - The Project

    An authentic site, a venue of comedic and poignant discoveries

    The Charlie Chaplin Museum offers the visiting public hours of discovery and emotion spread overfourteen hectares of gardens, pathways, the manor-house and outbuildings transformed into a showcaseof animation and exhibits primarily inspired by the works of Charlie Chaplin. The main intention behindthe project is to reinvest the Manoir de Ban with the same character and ambience as when it washome to the illustrious artist, and then open its doors to the public. In this way, visitors will gain touchinginsights into the filmmaker, as well as the worldview that inspired or motivated the scenarios of hisgreatest masterpieces.

    The experience offered to the public strives to be remarkable, substantial, spectacular, moving and

    humorous, with an invitation to tour his private manor house. The outbuildings include exhibits andgalleries highlighting Chaplins work, as well as multimedia presentations, including an amazingretrospective of his earliest silent movies that conquered the hearts of the entire world. The site conceptis creative and innovative, with state-of-the-art technology. It combines the traditional world of cinemawith avant-garde scenography, including animated sets, holograms, virtual characters, computer graphics,a 3D environment, light and special effects as well as THX surround sound.

    The project to establish a major site dedicated to Charlie Chaplin is the culmination of a series ofdocumented and carefully audited studies and enjoys the unanimous support of communal, cantonaland federal government authorities in Switzerland. Above all, the project is backed by the Chaplinfamily. This is the very first time they have given their support to a project of this scope since theartists death in 1977.


    Hollywood New Exhibition Hall

    Image studio : Making of space

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    +18 Chaplin World -The Modern Times Museum

    A lush garden tapestry

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    CHAPLIN MUSEUM - The Project +19

    Situated at the heart of a 14-hectare domain,the Manoir de Ban offers a breathtaking view of atypical Swiss lake and mountain landscape.Charlie Chaplin settled here with his familybecause of the luxuriant and unique vistas,beautiful and serene. Ancient trees, orchards,gardens, pathways and the surrounding forestprovide a green environment offering visitors aworthwhile and comprehensive visit.

    A haven of peace

    typically Swiss A carpet of flower beds muchloved by the artist


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    Cutting-edge set design and the latesttechnological advances

    With image and motion, the fourteen hectaresof the Manoir de Ban become a museum, aninterpretation centre, a theme park and a fabulousgarden for fans of pictures, films and humanism.The natural beauty and avant-garde staging evokea century of history that has inspired cinematicmarvels seenall overthe world. TheCharlieChaplinMuseum is full of fun, emotion and originality.

    Cognizant of the new and colourful language ofimmigrants and the now generation, it boldlyprojects the summit of new technology, unitingstaging, animation, multimedia, 3D and HD images,surround sound, special effects, virtual realismand cinematography.

    +20 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum


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    +21CHAPLIN MUSEUM - The Project

    Much more than a museum

    The Charlie Chaplin Museum is more than amuseum, with its Manoir, its grounds graced withancient trees, its contemporary exhibition hall, itstheatre, its outdoor stage for celebrations, specialevents and festivals dedicated to arts, pedestrianwalkways and gardens offering breathtaking viewsof splendid Swiss mountains and lake scenery.With its majestically spacious grounds, it isparticularly suited to hosting special national andinternational events and celebrations, whether

    indoors or out.

    Host of cultural and VIP events

    In the spirit of Charlie Chaplins work, the museumwill also be equipped to offer screenings,conferences, workshops and programs related toart and films. Possible events include film andmusic festivals and award/tribute ceremonies foroutstanding contributions to humanitarian, culturaland entertainment causes. The venue will alsooffer an opportunity for businesses to host high-endcorporate events in the VIP section of the Manoiras well as in the fabulous garden surrounding all

    the land.

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    +22 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

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    +23CHAPLIN MUSEUM - The Architecture

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    +24 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    A mixture of tradition and daring

    The architectural approach suggests the typicalSwiss union of tradition and daring. The form,rhythm and texture of materials express modernityrespectful of the heritage of the buildings andgreen space left by the artist and filmmaker. Glass,steel and concrete unite by day in a reflection of

    the surrounding green space. By night, they lightup in a warm and bathing glow to participate in asymphony of light embracing the entire park.

    The Manoir, so well preserved, is an intimatespace allowing the discovery of the ambianceand souvenirs of an artist and his family whoentertained many close friends and celebrities fromthe 20th Century. The well-preserved surroundingsof the farm accommodate the ticket office, publicservices, food centre and gift shop. The wide-open

    space features a mezzanine offering a breath-taking frontal view of the lake and mountains.The old garage fuses history with the present withits magnificent window design gracing the twoadjoining terraces and their glass and aluminumpergolas. A glass passage reminiscent of the formergreenhouse leads to the new exhibition hall withmore than 2000 square metres of space devoted

    to the life and cinematographic work of Chaplinthe artist and filmmaker. Disarming effects inalignment and pattern add rhythm to a glass,concrete and steel building that in spite of its hugesize, never seems to overshadow the surrounding,green environment.

    The overall perspective of the architectureintermingled with the fabulous garden offers aparticularly warm and spectacular visual dynamicat twilight or at night. The transparency of the

    garage and its openings, the unifying glass wallof the multimedia theatre, the reflective surfacesof textured steel andconcrete, anddisarmingeffectsin alignment and pattern of the imposing structureprovide great depth and feel to a lighting conceptas architectural as it is panoramic. On festivenights, the building stands in the soft shadows ofa fabulous garden bathing in a symphony of light.

    A civil engineering challenge at the centreof a splendid garden

    The new building housing the future Charlie ChaplinMuseum is cube-shaped and 55 metres long by17 metres wide. The structure consists of abasement and ground floor offering 2000 squaremetres of exhibition space built along the existinggarage. The building is characterized by disarming

    structural effects in the architectural concept,long spans created by vast spaces adapted tomuseography, visible reinforced concrete facadesand the integration of an existing building. Thesespecificities represented a civil engineering featin the context of an architectural interventionseeking harmonious integration with existingbuildings and the remarkable grounds and

    surrounding vegetation.

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    +25CHAPLIN MUSEUM - The Architecture


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +26 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    A unique cultural concept, a line-up ofactivities and festivals

    The Charlie Chaplin Museum is an upscale des-tination for those seeking a profound experienceof discernment and variety, housed within:

    The Manor-house, beckoning visitors to enter thevery private world of Chaplin the man.

    The outbuildings converted into exhibit hallsdedicated to the humorous and moving works ofthe artist and filmmaker and to the heyday ofsilent movies.

    The Charlie Chaplin theater highlighting apermanent HD/3D multimedia show and specialVIP and cultural events.

    An outdoor stage providing the setting for anannual line-up of pantomime and cinematicactivities and festivals.

    A shopping area where visitors can obtain exquisite

    souvenirs related to the artist and his adopteddomicile.

    Dining areas and vantage points nestled amongthe luxuriant garden-park and pathways thatoffer unparalleled views of the Swiss landscape.

    A prestigious VIP room for gatherings, celebrationsand receptions targeting business world andinternational organizations.


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    +27CHAPLIN MUSEUM - The Architecture

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    +28 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    At the Manoir de Ban, built patrimony and plantheritage provide a remarkable ensemble perfectlyshowcasing and preserving garden art from themid 19th Century. The landscape design developedfor the Charlie Chaplin Museum had two maingoals: to highlight the original composition andprogressively renew the dendrology heritagethough a process of restoration of the park, andto integrate new, exterior additions (access andparking areas) to the museological concept andto the exceptional green layout of the site itself.

    To achieve this, the architectural team viewed thesight as Charlie Chaplin would have viewed it.The team preserved the integrity of the park thathad so attracted the artist and filmmaker in thefirst place, locating parking areas below and onthe fringes of the great lawn where he had builtthe tennis court, pool, pool house and other smallamenities. In line with the principle of landscapedparking, areas for cars are spread out and highlyvegetated. These are the contemporary compo-nents of the park: a path along which the visitor,once he has left his automobile, finds himself inthe world of Charlie Chaplin, following the windingpathway with its ever changing views of the manor,bushes and plantings dear to the artists heart,

    including the species of bamboo used to makehis famous cane.


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    CHAPLIN MUSEUM - The Architecture

    Geothermy and solar energy

    The Charlie Chaplin Museum is designed withgreen concerns and visitor comfort in mind. Thegreen engineering of the project is based on themaximization of natural, endogenous resourcessuch as the production of energy using heatpumps associated with geothermal pipes andthose of solar resources in the production ofsanitary hot water. Visitor comfort is ensuredby high-performance air-exchange and energyrecovery systems.

    Thermal envelopes have been studied to minimizeloss and favour solar input. Historic considerationsregardingthe envelopewere alsotaken intoaccountin the preservation of the unique character ofthe Manoir de Ban, while improving its energyperformance. The new part of the museum meetslow energy consumption building standards suchas Minergie. Technical facilities, also green andenergy compliant, are integrated symbioticallyinto the exceptional architecture and natural

    surroundings of the site.

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    +30 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    Let us strive for the impossible. The great achievements throughout history have been the conquest ofwhat seemed the impossible.

    Charlie Chaplin

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    +32 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

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    THE MANOIR -Intimate Rendezvous

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    +34 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    Family Life

    A piano and oversized framed photos. Over abackground of Chaplins music, recall throughimages and objects minor and major events ofa family manor no different from many others.Mirrors reflect phantom images of a host whonever stopped making us laugh.


    Myth meets reality

    Time to relax

    Time to write Family dining area Music ever present in the Manoir

    The much used desk

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    +35THE MANOIR -Intimate Rendezvous

    Dining with the Stars

    Images of the Chaplin family seating around atable with Charlie, an artist who wanted the simplelife at Manoir de Ban. Fleeting reminiscences ofnotable guests who shared this mans passion,

    creation and world vision.

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +36 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    In the heart of Charlie Chaplinsmanor-house

    An authentic site unlike any other, offering a privateencounter with this resident of Switzerland, seenas a child, husband, father and grandfather, in theheart of his manor-house and adopted estate.

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    THE MANOIR -Intimate Rendezvous

    Words that InspireWords that Remain

    Words, poetry, artistic works that inspired themaster filmmaker leap from the thousands ofbooks and manuscripts on the shelves. Here areexcerpts from My Autobiography. Charlie revealshis life story. Press clippings, headlines someglorious, some damning. The front pages of

    newspapers from the five continents reveal theuniversal dimension of a man revered by many,feared by others.

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    +38 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

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    From London to Corsier-sur-Vevey

    A spiral ascension leading to the intimate spaceof the final curtain for a man who lived life to thefull. A multimedia mural projects the astoundingsynthesis of an uncommon life: from the EastLane Orphanage to the vast complex of majorHollywood studios, to the life of a world-renownedstar. But this man chose to live a simple life in

    Switzerland, far from the crowds.


    THE MANOIR -Intimate Rendezvous

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    +40 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

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    THE MANOIR -Intimate Rendezvous

    Rooms with a View

    Friends rooms and reminiscences of celebritieswho lavished him with friendship. Private terracesoverlooking the peaceful landscape of lifes end.

    A Mirror of Light and Shadow

    Various items of clothing and accoutrementsbelonging to Charlie and The Little Tramp. Uniqueand symbolic articles dear to Charlies heart.Mirrors and reflections of Chaplins truly Swiss life.

    The Death of Calvero

    Charlies bedroom... his final hours, with Oonaalways at his side. A synthesis of a life over abackground of Chaplins music projected ontoCalveros white sheet, from the autobiographicalfilm Limelight showing the death of an artist ina setting where myth joins reality.

    Souvenir Photos

    Oonas salon, where thousands of previouslyunpublished family photos reveal to the publicintimate aspects of the lives of a man, his wifeand his family.

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    +42 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    THE MANOIR -Intimate Rendezvous +43


    Charlie and Oona

    His favorite seat in the living room Childrens souls forever

    Charlie in the Orchard

    Citizen of Corsier-sur-Vevey

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    +44Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    The attic of a never-forgotten childhood

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    THE MANOIR -Intimate Rendezvous

    Travel through times

    Doors open to another world, another time: hazygaslight, reminiscent of the cobblestone streetsof Charlies youth. The allegory of the little blacksheep fighting to avoid the slaughterhouse.Sounds, odours, auras and eternal reminiscencestugging at our heartstrings: tiny cork boats,barrel organs, SalvationArmy songs, five-shillingpantomimes, accursed bars of orphanage andprison windows, a waddling pauper scorned by

    the crowd.

    Londoner vaults, a Swiss manorHis life unfolds, from his childhood days in London to the everydaylife of a Corsier-sur-Vevey resident

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    +46 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    The arrival in the New World

    A ship tossing in the waves under the stars,sprinkles of dream-like images on the horizonbeyond the portholes revealing a burst of colourin the neon glow of a new idealized world: Hang

    on, America! I Will Conquer You!

    From London to Hollywood

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    +47THE MANOIR -Intimate Rendezvous


    The arrival in Hollywood The white cloth screen

    Keystone Studio

    A tour of wide open Hollywood sets. MeetingMack Sennett. A star is born. An icon seducesthe public all over the world.

    The white cloth screen

    The shadow of the Statue of Liberty. The blindingneon glow. The smoke-filled theatres: images leapfrom the white sheet. The crazy rhythm of thepianola. The noisy racket of the hand-operatedprojector. Laughter in the air!

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    +48 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    Humor is the ability to discern in a kindly way the folly in what is considered normal, sublimebehavior, and to discern the discrepancy in what appears as a truth.

    Charlie Chaplin

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    +50 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

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    EXHIBITION HALL -From tears to laughter

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    +52 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

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    EXHIBITION HALL -From tears to laughter

    Multimedia, multisensory and virtualshow of a lifetime

    Experience the Hollywood universe of a burlesqueentertainer who revolutionized the world of cinemaand conquered the world, his only weapons beinglaughter and compassion as personified by alegendary Little Tramp.

    Enter a theatre featuring a symbiosis of the worldsof pantomime, commedia dellarte, cinema andmultimedia. From tears to laughter makes use

    of the best of the new multimedia technology,offering a breathtaking synthesis of CharlieChaplins many fi lms: HD and 3-D visuals,animation, virtual environments, holograms andghostly visions, special effects and THX surroundsound. A unique presentation that leads to theexhibition hall where set designs, auras anddreams of Charlie Chaplins Hollywood experience

    as The Little Tramp are evoked magnificently.

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    +54 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +55EXHIBITION HALL -From tears to laughter

    The daily universe of the Little Tramp

    Go beyond the screen to enter the immenseblack and white world of Charlie Chaplin.A streetlined with interactive windows and shops withthousands of objects and memorabilia of the

    world-renowned, iconic Little Tramp.

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    +56 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    Amazing vestiges of silent movies

    A colourful archaeological site revealing vestigesof silent films where gestures ruled.

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +57EXHIBITION HALL -From tears to laughter

    Corps de Ballet

    An area with a labyrinth of two-way mirrors,reflecting the art of the pantomime to whichChaplin owes his career. The birth of The LittleTramp in a phantasmagoric world blending cinemawith Commedia dellarte. Pierrot the clown meetsthe puppet who gave birth to the Little Tramp

    in the Felliniesque atmosphere of dreamlikedimensions with the hustle-bustle of carousels,puppets and costumes under the blare of carnivalmusic and the sound of the barrel organ soreminiscent of Charlies childhood in East LaneLondon.

    David and Goliath

    The allegory of the little black sheep amongthe virtual presentations of a noble vagabondconfronting world forces in order to avoid themor, better still, reinvent them, armed with nothingbut a simple cane, a hat and a great deal ofirreverence.


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    +58 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    Unforgettable images

    The dizzying mezzanine is like an open airobservation post. The panoramic screen andsurround sound reveal a succession of the mosttypical images of Chaplins output. A picture

    viewing to boggle the mind!


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook



    The Great Beauty of Silence

    The film The Circus features the most illustriousand funniest tightrope walkers of the entire GoldenAge of cinema. Within the A Thousand FilmImages area, there are virtual meetings betweenChaplin and the greatest artists of the time, suchas Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Laurel & Hardy,the Marx Brothers and many others in a ballet ofpie-in-the-face antics and frantic chases over abackground of Chaplins evocative music.


    EXHIBITION HALL -From tears to laughter

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    +60 Chaplin World -The Modern Times Museum

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +61EXHIBITION HALL -From tears to laughter

    The making of space andits wide-open decor

    From the Modern Times escalator to theHollywood sets hiding long-kept secrets: the hugerotating gears of Modern Times, the pitchinghouse, the feeding machine: recurring symbolicobjects mirror the extraordinary talents and geniusof Chaplin. The making of space where CharlieChaplin tells about how he imagined and producedhis movies.

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    +62 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    Machinery that gives us abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical, ourcleverness hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we needhumanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life willbe violent, and all will be lost.

    Charlie Chaplin

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    Let us fight for a new world, a decent world!

    Charlie Chaplin

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    +64 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    Window shopping to dream about

    Window of flowers, romantic yet inaccessible.

    Window displaying the Little Tramps ever-changingprops, icons of subterfuge and irreverence.

    Window of objects used for everything but theirintended purpose: a world of Chinese shadows,interactive panels and cinematic sculptures in

    perpetual motion.

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    EXHIBITION HALL -From tears to laughter

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    Shops with unforgettable scenes

    Thecuttingroom, neverrevealedon thebig screen.

    The barbershop of mirrors and whispers of aworld where fear is conquered by courage.

    The treasure trove, fabulous in its rich humanismthat conquered the world through a penniless


    Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    Barber Shop : The Great Dictator

    The Tramp in thousands of impossible situations Hundreds of kilometers of films to discover

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    +67EXHIBITION HALL -From tears to laughter

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    +68 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

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    EXHIBITION HALL -From tears to laughter

    The mythical Chaplin Studioof Hollywood

    Preserved under glass, the mythical Chaplinstudio is reborn in miniature. La Brea, modeledto scale, becomes a theatre where people canshare in filming, editing and projecting a scenefrom The Kid, evoking the eternal child inherentin the artist and filmmaker.



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    +70 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    The Little Tramps Dream World

    The dormitory set from The Kid is a dream world,with its bunks, chairs and stools. The Dreamsarea draws attention to a celestial screen placedin front of floating objects, creating a ballet ofphantasmagoric images evoking the LittleTramps dream world, created by Charlie, forever

    the humanist.

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    EXHIBITION HALL -From tears to laughter

    The adrenalin of opening night

    Experience the excitement of an opening night.Feel the adrenalin of the anxious but exalted artistfacing an audience and their inevitable reaction.The filmmaker and the man, confounded, reveala state of mind that always returns on the eve ofan opening night. Visitors enter the artists worldminutes before curtain time, placed, for one magicmoment, at the centre of the universe. Throughholography and a virtual environment, they relivethe roar of the crowd in a packed theatre of a

    thousand faces who have shaped the greatestand most dramatic moments of Charlies career.

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +72 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    Beauty is the object or the consciousness which amplifies the feeling of universality in man.If youre really truthful with yourself, its a wonderful guidance.

    Charlie Chaplin

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook



  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +74 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +75CHAPLIN MUSEUM -Public open spaces

    PRESTIGE ANDCELEBRITYArt and prestige area to celebrateexcellence.

    The 300-square metre attic of the mythical manorhouse extends over two levels to become an artgallery accessible to museum visitors and VIPspace for business meetings, receptions, tributes,

    launchings and prestigious celebrations.

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +76 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    The Charlot Boutique

    Thousands of objects and memorabilia with aview of the terraces overlooking typical Swisslakes and mountains.

    Gold Rush Caf

    Time to pause for a theme cup of coffee, inspiredby the unforgettable images of a funny butromantic Charlie.

    The London Bar

    From the office and terrace of the Manoir, sodear to their illustrious host, enjoy a refreshingbreak with a breathtaking view of the Swiss Riviera.

    The Piazza

    Time to drop by the main piazza, flanking thewelcome centre with access to the new exhibitionhall and the Charlot Boutique.


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +77CHAPLIN MUSEUM -Public open spaces



  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +78 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    FACTS &

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook




    CHAPLIN MUSEUM -Facts & Figures

    The Charlie Chaplin MuseumThe project in real numbers

    Property, total surface area and volumeGardensPrivate forest

    Manoir de BanBarn (ticketing, boutique and other services)Garage (Welcome Foyer building)

    New Exhibition HallParkings

    Exclusive exhibits (all exhibits included)

    Number of Museum visitors expectedNumber of visitors for special eventsDistance from Geneva airport

    132858 m2

    48,703 m2

    70483 m2

    1572 m2 / 6815 m3

    904m2 / 3336 m3

    169 m2 / 920 m3

    1937 m2

    / 14641 m3

    237 cars

    3,000 m2

    300,000 per year100,000 per year60 minutes

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    +80 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    Humor is the sublime wisdom of pity and tolerance in which man recognizes the utter futility of hisown enterprise and importance.

    Charles Chaplin

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  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +82 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook




    SPONSORSHIP & PARTNERSHIP -A Special Invitation

    Looking for unique partners

    You have received this document because theCharlie Chaplin Museum Foundation believesyou or members of your organization continueto enrich Charlie Chaplins accomplishments in aspecial way. The prominence of your activitiesand their international visibility is paramount tothe image and quality of this endeavour. CharlieChaplin is the most acknowledged and loved20th Century icon and filmmaker in the world. Hisjoyful, genuine persona and the aura that hiswork exudes have remained intact in the eyesand hearts of people on all five continents. Hisimage continues to radiate as vividly as everthroughout the world, in all its diversity, offeringoutstanding possibilities for a broad range ofpotential sponsors. Therefore, we are sendingyou an exclusive overview of the main aspectsof this project in the hope that it will inspire youand spontaneously lead to a unique partnershipwith the Charlie Chaplin Museum Foundation.

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +84 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    + 85


    SPONSORSHIP& PARTNERSHIP - A Special Invitation

    A business opportunity that transcends boundaries, spanning five continents

    The Charlie Chaplin Museum opens up unimagined vistas spanning five continents. The positiveperception of the artist among people of all origins, the excellence and prestige associated with hiswork, the intactness of his image and the humanism for which he is recognized worldwide provide thefoundation for an image and business opportunity that are not only exceptional, but unique.

    Chaplins message transcends cultures and continents to offer a wordless common denominator ofemotion. His image conveys a variety of characteristics suiting many different kinds of expressionsand representations.

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +86 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook




    SPONSORSHIP & PARTNERSHIP -A Special Invitation

    The Charlie Chaplin Image & Essence

    Charlie Chaplins work is universal

    Chaplin created a work of art with human themes that touch each and every one of us all over theplanet. In his silent movies, Chaplins message transcends cultures and continents to offer a wordlesscommon denominator of emotion. People everywhere can recognize themselves in the world and

    characters he created. In that sense, Charlie Chaplin is a citizen of the world.

    Charlie Chaplin as a humanist

    He is an icon who personifies the hope for a better world and symbolizes ordinary people aspiring

    to a better life. His solidarity and goodness feed our continuous quest for happiness.

    Charlie Chaplin as avant-garde

    He symbolizes innovation, audacity and difference, someone who stands out from the crowd.

    He dared to go against the flow and succeeded.

    Charlie Chaplin and the Little Tramp are both winners

    Charlie Chaplin became the most well known and beloved artist of the 20 th Century and the Little

    Tramp is still the ideal image of the triumph of good over evil. The ending is always a victory, whetherfor Charlie Chaplin or The Little Tramp.

    The Little Tramps Image & Essence

    The Little Tramp is funny

    The Tramp finds himself in funny situations that always make people laugh. He laughs at humanabsurdity and uses humour to overcome it. Chaplin used to say, We must laugh in the face of ourhelplessness and he inspired this with a palette of universal emotions to create works that blend bothlaughter and tears.

    The Little Tramp is rebellious

    The Tramp has rebellious attributes: he embodies the alternative, thinks and lives outside the box and

    is a dignified outsider who creates happy endings.

    The Little Tramp is romantic

    The Tramp is a kind seducer who wears his heart on his sleeve. Women love to be in his presence.He gives them laughs, tenderness and roses.

    The Little Tramp is noble

    Beneath his sloppy outfit hides someone who cares about acting with dignity. His bowler hat, cane,frock and unique original style reflect a noble and distinctive character.

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  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook




    SPONSORSHIP & PARTNERSHIP -A Special Invitation

    World impact, visibility and benefits for sponsors and partners

    Chaplin remains a magical name for the media and people on every continent regard him as apioneer in the movie world and the 20 th Centurys most beloved artist, able to speak to all segmentsof the population.

    The Charlie Chaplin Museum dedicated to his life and work is doubly stamped with eminence: thatof Charlie Chaplin himself and that of his family, who support the project with enthusiasm. Theexceptional star quality of the man who inhabited a manor that has taken on storybook qualities willresult in exponential media visibility in Switzerland and around the world. There is no doubt that theCharlie Chaplin Heritage Site will surely become Switzerlands most publicized cultural and tourist siteon the international scene.

    A museum of this importance deserves world-class commercial strategy and high-end public relations.

    Red carpet events with stars and celebrities.

    World press events in cities such as London, New York, Tokyo, New Delhi, Shanghai and Hollywoodto generate exponential visibility around the world.

    A Chaplin Award recognizing efforts to better the world, presented to international personalitiesgenerating wide press coverage.

    The Web becoming a central promotional tool used to allow the museum to reach out to millions ofpotential viewers and visitors through the Museum website, blogs, world fan clubs with promotionsall-year long, online merchandising and online networks.

    Market research shows that the potential market for the Museum itself is around 40 million people per

    year through on-site visibility, press, Web, media, tour operators, direct marketing, tourist and culturalpartners, special events, familiarization tours, newsletters and brochures.

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +90 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook




    SPONSORSHIP & PARTNERSHIP -A Special Invitation

    Millions of Charlie Chaplin aficionados and movie fans

    The Charlie Chaplin Museum site will attract more than 300 000 visitors each year, museum eventsand festivals not included. These visitors are part of a potential annual market of 40 million consumersto be targeted in our communications. Marketing strategies will differentiate the various local, national andinternational market segments, which will all be culture, entertainment, tourism and business related.Targets include tour operators, press, radio, television, electronic media, specialized press, trade showsin Europe, Asia and North America, packages with cultural institutions and tourist industries, mass media,newsletters, school groups, business networks, public relations, international relations, Charlie Chaplinfan clubs and movie fans around the world. In the virtual world, the Museum is positioning itself stronglyon the Web to reach out to millions of Charlie Chaplin aficionados and movie fans.

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    + 92 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    Partnership and Sponsoring Levels

    The project developers have all the necessaryagreements in hand to begin site development:access to the site, development plan, access tofamily assets, right to use the Chaplin image forthe museum purposes and long-term museumoperation rights. The Charlie Chaplin Museum isoffering opportunities for a rare undertaking toselect corporations, institutions and individualswho wish to support a unique project and toachieve worldwide visibility that conveys a

    strong and positive image.

    Corporate Sponsoring

    It is paramount for the Charlie Chaplin MuseumFoundation to create certain exclusive partnershipswith very select corporations whose missionand/or goal is in line with Chaplins life and work.These partnerships will take the form of severalopportunities offering the greatest exponentialoutreach. Depending on the level of sponsoring,visibility includes: presence on all forms ofpromotional material, on-site guides, museuminformation, special events and festival brochures,signage on the site, Web presence, public relations

    and publicity, VIP events, museum facades,priority access to the Manoir VIP lounge, premieres,

    receptions, conferences, openings, etc.


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    +93SPONSORSHIP & PARTNERSHIP -A Special Invitation

    Individual Contributions

    Individual contributions are mainly for individualswho wish to contribute on a personal level to theCharlie Chaplin Museum Foundations achieve-ments. Donations could, for instance, be usedfor specific museography and cinematographiccontent on request in a field that could be ofspecial interest to the donor. Donors names willbe mentioned on the Museum documentation forvisitors and their names engraved on a bronzeplaque in the welcome centre and displayed onthe Chaplin Walk of Fame located alongside the

    exhibition building.

    Foundation Contributions and Donations

    The Charlie Chaplin Museum invites foundationswith a humanistic and cultural mission to be part ofthe project. Donations can also create partnershipsthat promote the contributing foundations goalsthrough use of the Chaplin image. The nature ofthe visibility offered will be subject to discussionbased on the contributing foundations policy. Whendefining a sponsorship strategy, the Charlie ChaplinMuseum will take into account the contributingfoundations particular characteristics, needs andvalues.


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    +94 Chaplins World -The Modern Times Museum

    Restrictions and Rights

    The presentation of the proposed project in the present document falls within the framework of the creation of the Charlie Chaplin Museum,in Corsier-sur-Vevey (Switzerland), a museum concept created and developed by Philippe Meylan and Yves Durand.

    The reproduction of pictures, illustrations, drawings or other visuals of Chaplin or originating from Chaplin movies is subject to licence.Charles/Charlie Chaplin and the Little Tramp figure are trademarks and/or service marks of Bubbles Incorporated S.A. and/or Roy ExportS.A.S., used with permission. Photographs from Chaplin films made from 1918 onwards: Copyright (c) Roy Export S.A.S.All Rights Reserved. Other Chaplin images from the archives of Roy Export Company Establishment unless otherwise credited.

    Special thanks to the following photographers for their kind cooperation: Yves Debraine for pictures of the Chaplin family in Corsier-sur-Vevey / MPTV Images for John Engstead picture of Chaplin family in Beverly Hills / Carol Homolka for Florence Homolka pictures / JoannaSteichen for Edward Steichen picture / Montreux-Vevey Tourisme and Samuel Bitton.

    Chaplin Museum Development SAAve de Tramnaz 29, 1814 La Tour-de-Peilz, SwitzerlandPhone: ++ 41 (0)21 977 22 22 / Fax: ++ 41 (0)21 977 22 [email protected]

    No reproduction is authorized without the explicit consent of the authors. Switzerland, 2009.

    Printing: Glassonprint (Switzerland)

    Graphic design: INPHO (Canada)


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    Project developers and authors:

    Owners of the Manoir:


    Architectural Design & Interior Design:

    Civil Engineer:

    Mechanical & Electrical Engineer:

    Traffic Engineer:


    Scenic Arts:

    Scenic Illustration:

    Virtual and 3D Illustrations:

    Multimedia and Technology:

    The development of a museum project dedicated to Charlie Chaplin and his work was made possiblethrough the collaboration of The Association Chaplin and The Charlie Chaplin Museum Foundation,and through the tangible commitment of the Swiss Riviera Communes, mainly those of Corsier-sur-Vevey, Corseaux, Chardonne and Jongny, as well as Vevey, Montreux, La Tour-de-Peilz, St-Legier,Blonay and Veytaux, with the support of the Promove (Economic Development Montreux-Vevey Region).



    SPONSORSHIP & PARTNERSHIP -A Special Invitation

    Philippe Meylan, architect (Switzerland) andYves Durand museographer (Canada),acting for Chaplin Museum Development SA(Switzerland)

    Domaine du Manoir de Ban SAEric Lux and Grard Lopez, Luxembourg

    Itten+Brechbhl SA (Switzerland)

    Jean-Maxime Labrecque, INPHO (Canada)

    Tappy Bornand Michaud SA (Switzerland)

    Amstein + Walther SA (Switzerland)

    Team + (Switzerland)

    In Situ SA (Switzerland)

    Confino sarl, museum &exhibition design (France)

    Les Crayons, sarl (France)Bissonnette Communications Impact Inc. (Canada)

    Aurora (China) / Clenche Inc. (Canada)Bluegreen Digital SA (Switzerland)

    Thierry Renard, Inytium SA(Belgium)

    Yves Durand, museographer andPhilippe Meylan, architect

    Chaplin Museum Development SA

    Partner of Chaplins World

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


    I am what I am: an individual, unique and different a history of dreams, desires and of specialexperiences.

    Charlie Chaplin

  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook


  • 7/23/2019 Chaplin - eBook