Hackteria: Biologische Kunst – Wissenschaft, Natur und Biohacking - Schaffhausen Presentation

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Discussion on Bio Art, Biohacking and transdisciplinarity with guests from Finland and Indonesia. Erich Berger (AT / FI) - Finnish Society of Bioart, gives an insight Ars Bioarctica Residency program in Kilpisjärvi, Northern Lapland, as well as various artistic commitment in relation to nuclear power in Finland, followed by the presentation of her latest book publication "Field_Notes - from Landscape to Laboratory - Maisemasta Laboratorioon ". Wawies Wisnu Wisdianto (ID) - Life Patch Citizen Initiative in Art, Science and Technology & Landscape Indonesia, provides an overview of the collaborations of Life Patch with Hackteria, BioDesign.cc and other partners in the JRP, Jogja River Project. In addition, it prepares its amateur photography-Platfrom before "Landscape Indonesia", with which they produce Photo volumes of Indonesians for Indonesians. Marc Dusseiller generally provides the project Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art before, and gives an insight into HackteriaLab 2014 - Yogyakarta, which he has co-organized this April in Indonesia. Boris Magrini (CH), art historian, is making an attempt the various topics presented, as well as the Bio Art in general, to summarize his view, as well as to position activism between contemporary art and Neomodernem. The audience is then invited to an open discussion moderated by Leo Bettina Roost and Boris Magrini.