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    Konferenz 01. – 05. Februar 2016

    Ausstellung 02. – 04. Februar 2016

    ICM Internationales Congress Center Münchenwww.OOP-Konferenz.de

    SOFTWARE MEETS BUSINESS Die Konferenz für Software-Architekturen





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    Linda Rising Mary Lynn Manns Ward Cunningham Sascha Lobo



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    SOFTWARE MEETS BUSINESS: The Conference for Software Architectures

    Happy Birthday OOP!

    OOP is celebrating a quarter of a century! This is really stunning, given the continuous focus on cut- ting-edge technology in such a fast changing world. It is an honor for us, that you are celebrating this extraordinary event with us! Please, use this opportunity in order to benefit from all the different insights, experiences, inspirations, and stimulations this conference presents to you.

    Eleven track chairs assisted by 64 experts de- signed the program as an exceptional experi- ence for you. This year’s Jubilee track –exclusively designed by Frank Buschmann– gives kudos to the anniversary by reevaluating the past and by imag- ining the future. Yet, also the Agile Manifesto has reasons to celebrate – with different authors of the Agile Manifesto we will harvest the real story of its creation, which took place fifteen years ago. And while we are in the mood we neither forgot about 30 years of C++ (now trendy again due to the internet of things) nor the 20 years of JavaSPEKTRUM. We give credit to both anniversaries with sessions focusing on Javascript, Java SE8, Java EE, and on Functional C++, Modern C++ with C++11 & C++14, and its specifics in compile-time computations.

    Once more, the OOP 2016 keynotes are special nuggets: Sascha Lobo, well-known as journalist and from public TV, details the considerations when building a digital society. Frank Simon elaborates how tests speed up development. Linda Rising and Mary Lynn Manns enlighten us on fearlessly leading change. Johan Lybaert together with Agile Mani-

    festo co-author Arie van Bennekum give insights into an Agile Software Factory. Martin Förtsch with Thomas Endres explains augmented reality with the Oculus Rift. And last but by no means least: Ward Cunningham, the creator of wikis explores with us the next big thing: Federated Wikis.

    Make additional use of the OpenArena – for digesting the sessions you attended and sharing experiences with other participants. As science has proved, hav- ing fun and relaxation are fundamental to learning. So maybe playing tabletop football, video games or poker helps you to relax your head? Regardless of your choice, don’t miss the ‘IT-Stammtisch’ on Tuesday before the big birthday party. Grab a beer (or two) and follow the entertaining reflection on the past year in software by IT practitioners!

    Welcome to OOP 2016!

    Jutta Eckstein Technical Chair OOP conference

    Welcome to OOP 2016

    As the technical chair of the conference, Jutta Eckstein, has the overall re- sponsibility for the technical quality of the OOP conference. As an independent coach, consultant and trainer she focuses on enabling agile development on the organ- izational level.

    OOP 2016 Gold-Sponsor

    SOFTWARE. TESTING. EXCELLENCE. * Sie finden unseren Stand direkt hinter der Registratur.

    ALTRAN GmbH & Co. KG

    Atos Information Technology GmbH

    Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH

    CGI Deutschland Ltd. & Co. KG

    Cognizant Technology Solutions GmbH

    EXCO GmbH


    imbus AG

    ISARTALakademie GmbH

    Knowledge Department GmbH

    Loyal Team GmbH

    Lysant GmbH

    Method Park Consulting GmbH

    PHILOTECH Systementwicklung und Software GmbH

    sepp.med gmbh

    Software Quality Lab GmbH

    Sogeti Deutschland GmbH

    T-Systems International GmbH


    Get hot coffee and join the test parcour @GTB*

    GTB-Anz-A4_OOP16_151013.indd 1 14.10.15 10:06

  • Montag, 01. Februar 2016

    Mo Mo 1 02 Mo 2 13 Mo 3 14a Mo 4 22 Mo 5 11 Mo 6 12 Mo 7 21Steering Agile Architecture Tudor Gîrba

    Microservices: Architektur und Entwicklung Eberhard Wolff

    Agile Releaseplanung Thorsten Janning, Florian Beck

    Kanban gefahrlos ausprobieren – Einführung und Simulation Peter Schnell

    Enterprise-Architekten: Raus aus dem Elfenbeinturm, rein in die Digitale Welt Gregor Hohpe AUSGEBUCHT

    Lösungsfokussierte Tools zu Teamentwicklung Veronika Kotrba, Ralph Miarka

    The Impact of Testing – By Example Peter Zimmerer

    Full Day 10:00 – 17:00 Half Day 10:00 – 13:00 Half Day 14:00 – 17:00

    Mo 8 12 Mo 9 21 Mo 10 11 11:30 – 12:00 15:30 – 16:00

    13:00 – 14:00

    Modernes C++ mit C++11 und C++14 Nicolai Josuttis

    Fearless Change: Making Your Ideas Happen Mary Lynn Manns, Linda Rising

    Leistungsorientiertheit in der modernen Software- Entwicklung – Wie schätze ich meinen Aufwand? | Florian Schnitzhofer

    Keynote: Andreas Grabner (Dynatrace / Ruxit): Building Software that Eats the World 13 17:15 – 18:00

    Nmo 1 14a Nmo 2 12 Nmo 3 21 Nmo 4 11 Nightschool Resilience – die Geheimnisse robusten Softwaredesigns Uwe Friedrichsen

    Angular 2.0: Architektur und Konzepte für moderne Java- Script-Anwendungen | Manfred Steyer

    Compile-time Computations in C++14 Peter Sommerlad

    Angewandte Konsensdemokratie Uwe Lübbermann

    18:30 – 20:00

    Dienstag, 02. Februar 2016 10:30 – 20:00 Exhibition Hours

    Di Technologies High Quality Software Architecture Trends & Techniques Jubilee-Track Requirements Engineering – It’s all about People! Portfolio- & Program- Management in Transition Soft Skills are the real Hard Skills Scalable System Integration Di 1.1 03 Di 2.1 13 Di 3.1 14a Di 4.1 14c Di 5.1 21 Di 6.1 12 Di 7.1 11 Di 8.1 22 Spaß an der Nebenläufigkeit – Einblicke in Erlang, Go und Pony Frank Müller

    Wider die Mikroskop-Falle: Die wahren Probleme Ihrer Software finden Gernot Starke

    1) Agiles Requirements Engineering jenseits von User Stories Johannes Bergsmann

    2) UX und Scrum Alexander Casall

    1) Software Architecture as Systems Dissolve Eoin Woods

    2) Modeling vs. Coding Ralph Johnson

    Seelenverwandte finden: Ein lebensnaher Workshop über nicht-funktionale Anfor- derungen Maike Uhlig, Julia Reichelt

    Praxis der agilen Transfor- mation von Portfolio- und Release prozessen Thorsten Janning

    Das E.R.F.O.L.G.s-Modell für Teamentwicklung Veronika Kotrba, Ralph Miarka

    1) Stand bei E-Mail-Verschlüs- selung (zum Schutz von Ge - schäfts geheimnissen in der B2B- Kom munikation) Nicolai Josuttis

    2) Zeitgemäße Sicherheitsszena - rien mit OAuth2 und OpenId Connect | Manfred Steyer

    09:00 – 10:30

    10:30 – 11:00 Exhibition

    Keynote + Eröffnung: Frank Simon (GTB & BLUECARAT AG): Testen heißt Gas geben, nicht bremsen. Ein Plädoyer für ein modernes Testverständnis 01 11:00 – 12:00 12:00 – 14:00 ExhibitionDi 1.2 13 Di 2.2 14a Di 3.2 12 Di 4.2 03 Di 5.2 14c Di 6.2 21 Di 7.2 11 Di 8.2 22

    Docker im täglichen Einsatz Peter Roßbach

    Theorie leuchtet ein, Praxis ist einleuchtender – Architektur- bewertung live und in Farbe! Mahbouba Gharbi

    Auf dem Weg von CI zu CD. Wie die Ideen hinter CD-Prinzi- pien den Weg weisen können Michael Stähler

    Agile, We Were Wrong. (We Thought No One Would Care) James Grenning

    Agile Dokumentation – interaktiv und sinnvoll Gerhard Müller

    The-Poke-Concept – Der Schlüssel zur Business- wert basierten Entwicklung Marco Ley

    Wer Aufmerksamkeit erzeugt, wird belohnt – Von Kinderer- ziehung und Projektorganisati- onen | Anne Hoffmann

    Quadratur des Kreises: Kunden individuelle Standard- software Boris Wehrle

    14:00 – 14:45

    Keynote: Sascha Lobo (SaschaLobo.com): Vernetzte Software frisst die Welt: Was man bei Entwicklung der Digitalen Gesellschaft beachten muss 01 15:00 – 15:45 15:45 – 16:15 ExhibitionDi 1.3 14c Di 2.3 13 Di 3.3 21 Di 4.3 11 Di 5.3 22 Di 6.3 14a Di 7.3 12 Di 8.3 03

    Echtes Cross-Plattform mit HTML5 & JavaScript: Anwen- dungen für Browser, Desktop & Mobile | Christian Weyer

    Langlebige Software-Architek- tu ren – technische Schulden beherrschen und abbauen Carola Lilienthal

    Sichere Software durch den sicheren SDLC: Ein Praxis- bericht Bruce Jones Sams

    Patterns: My Journey, What I‘ve Learned and Continue to Learn Linda Rising

    „Wir sind aber keine Programmierer!!“ Oder doch? Markus Völter, Bernd Kolb

    Wie man seine Software „Production-ready“ macht und nicht nur „Feature-complete“ Uwe Friedrichsen

    The Physics of Trust Olaf Lewitz

    Microservices: Agilität mit Architekturen skalieren Eberhard Wolff

    16:15 – 17:15

    17:15 – 17:45 Exhibition

    Di 1.4 14a Di 2.4 03 Di 3.4 11 Di 4.4 21 Di 5.4 12 Di 6.4 14c Di 7.4 13 Di 8.4 22 Objects in the Mirror Frank Buschmann, Kevlin Henney

    Solving Real Problems Without Reading Code Tudor Gîrba

    Sicherheitsmerkmale von Java SE 8 Wolfgang Weigend

    OMG! A Retrospective Richard Mark Soley

    Die Value Map – der Kompass für Skalierung mit Wert S