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Transcript of Kreisel Electric · PDF fileKreisel Electric Panamera Panamera Projekt “4 wheel full...

  • KREISEL ELECTRICelectric mobility innovation

    Contact meeting Porsche AG07.08.2014 Weissach

  • AGENDACompanyStatus QuoKreisel solutionsProof CasesFuture innovationsTest rideDiscussion

  • AGENDACompanyStatus QuoKreisel solutionsProof CasesFuture innovationsTest rideDiscussion

  • KREISEL Electronic Background

    E-mobility Maniacs

    Nur wer das Unmgliche denkt verschiebt die Grenzen des Machbaren!

    Background in Electronics

    customized solutions

    High performance competence

    Development of winning packages

  • Competetive Core Team

    40 years of electronic background

    Racing experience

    Green entrepreneurship

    Great Network

    Electronic entrepreneurs

    High level engineering network

    Production experts / offshore production (3+)

    The KREISEL Team

    E-mobility Maniacs

  • Electronic Innovation

    Development and Design

    Prototyping / Series Production

    Entirely PEP

    KREISEL core competence

    E-mobility Maniacs

    High performance engineering meets electronic innovation!

  • Awards

    E-mobility Maniacs

  • AGENDACompany

    Status QuoKreisel solutionsProof CasesFuture innovationsTest rideDiscussion

  • 10


    Capacity Discharge


    Power Density Weight



    Status Quo Battery Technology

    Qualitative Performing Chart(Commercial packages)

  • AGENDACompanyStatus Quo

    Kreisel solutionsProof CasesFuture innovationsTest rideDiscussion

  • flexible usage of best in class core components(best in class or best price performance cells)

    light weight pack tuning and optimization

    development and integration of KREISEL safety system

    total system optimization concepts


    KREISEL approach

    Pimp my battery pack

  • 0


    Capacity Discharge








    KREISEL Battery Solution

    Qualitative Performance Chart

  • Lightest battery pack on market (

  • KREISEL Battery Solution

    Assembly in detail

  • KREISEL Battery Packs

    Optimized packs for individual use and space requirements!

  • KREISEL Battery Packs

    Mercedes GLA Hybrid Project 15 kWh High Performance Pack

  • KREISEL Battery Packs

    Electric motorboat pack 2 x 8,8 kWh 48V (parallel /serial option)

  • AGENDACompanyStatus QuoKreisel solutions

    Proof CasesFuture innovationsTest rideDiscussion

  • Fastest e-cart

    105Nm torque

    50kW synchron engine

    13 kWh capacity

    Proof Case KREISEL E-Cart

    3,1 sec 0-100 kph

    Top performance capacity at very limited space!

  • Above 400 km reach

    Above 160 km/h

    5,85 kWh capacity

    Ready to go solution

    Proof Case Electra One

    400km reach at max systeme safety

    By far the lightest and safest battery packCalin Gologan: CEO PC-Aero GmbH

  • Proof Case Electric Caddy

    Highly efficient and versatile

    110 PS

    Range > 350km

    Topspeed > 160kph

    2,5 H charging time

    22kW On Board Charger

  • 3,5T Transporter Sprinter/Crafter

    Rear wheel electric drive

    optional proof of 40 kW Diesel Range Extender

    Special transmission

    Range > 300km

    Topspeed > 130kph

    Gradeability > 30%

    88 kW On Board Charger

  • BREX Range Extender

    Multiple usage electric range extender

    Total capacity 20kWh

    8 modules with 2,5kWh each

    Upgradeable for any use

    PV energy storage at once

    Feel free and choose your application!

  • Kreisel Electric Panamera

    Panamera Projekt 4 wheel full eclectric drive

    Complete solutionby KREISEL Electric

    4 wheel drive

    Range > 450km

    Topspeed > 300kph

    22kW On Board Charger

    500 PS

  • Project I-Taxi

    Replaceable battery back

    Next generation of passenger transport!

    fast changeable

    high safety box

    Range > 350km

    Carbon Chassis


    CompanyStatus QuoKreisel solutionsProof Cases

    Future innovationsTest rideDiscussion

  • Cost tuning < 200/kWh

    Power Cap combination

    Lifetime improvement

    Sustainable core components

    BMS DC powerline integration

    22 kW 220 kW modular charger

    Future Innovations

    Beyond your dreams

    Nothing is impossible!

  • Test ride

    Become electrified


    CompanyStatus QuoKreisel solutionsProof CasesFuture innovationsTest ride


  • Herzlichen DankKREISEL the e-mobility maniacs