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Kunstausstellung von Alexandra Standl, Anna Struth, Johanna Schweinester und Lisa Ritzer
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Alexandra StandlJohanna SchweinesterLisa RitzerAnna Struth

Transcript of Kunstausstellung

  • von Alexandra Standl, AnnaStruth, Johanna Schweinesterund Lisa Ritzer
  • Great WallPhotograph by Cathrine Koester
  • Rice Field, Guizhou Province Photograph by Alvin Cheah
  • Potato Harvest, Yunnan Province Photograph by XD Luo
  • Children, Shangri-La Photograph by Yiwen Ren
  • Festival, Hong Kong Photograph by Chacha Chan
  • Moonlit Canoe, Allagash River Photograph by Michael Melford
  • Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland Photograph by Davide Necchi
  • Dal Lake, India Photograph by Rutuj Kamdar
  • Tiger, Indonesia Photograph by Steve Winter
  • Mount Semeru and Mount Bromo Photograph by John Stanmeyer
  • Japanese Destroyer, Pacific Ocean Photograph by U.S. Army Air Forces
  • Dancers, SiamPhotograph by W. Robert Moore
  • Cleopatra Relief, Egypt Photograph by George Steinmetz
  • Famine Memorial, Dublin Photograph by Jim Richardson
  • Monk, BaganPhotograph by Chien-Chi Chang
  • Fountain, Tel Aviv Photograph by Dima Vazinovich
  • Gold Miner, Mozambique Photograph by Robin Hammond
  • Hidden FacePhotograph by Drussawin Leepaisal
  • Festival, Thailand Photograph by Ryan Libre
  • Niger River, Africa Photograph by Brent Stirton
  • EndeVielen Dank frs Anschauen!