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  • BIODATADate of Birth : 3rd July, 1987 (Age 29 Years)Birthplace : Heppenhiem, Hesse, Germany (W)Occupation : Formula One Racing DriverHeight : 59 (1.76 m)Net worth : $ 45,000,000Hobbies & Interests : Music, Football, Swimming, Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking, MotorsportCurrent Contract (2015-Present) : Scuderia Ferrari ($50 Million / Year)

  • FAMILYFather : Norbert Vettel, 57 Years, Carpenter (by Profession).Mother : Heike Vettel, 53 Years, Homemaker (by Profession).

  • His wife : Hanna Prater VettelHis daughters : Emily, 2 years old (on the photograph); Matilda (10 months old)

  • HIS SIBLINGSFabian Vettel17 Years oldStephanie Vettel33 Years old;Physiotherapist.Melanie Vettel31 Years old;Dental Technician.

  • Some of his CARSMercedes-Benz SL-65 AMG Black SeriesOne of his BMW

  • Contracts with :-BMW SAUBER ( 2006 2007 )TORO ROSSO ( 2007 2008 )REDBULL ( 2009 2014 )FERRARI ( 2015 Present )

    Others include (In Grand Prix) :- Mercedes, William, Force India, McLaren, Renault, etc.

    Sebastian in Ferrari, 2015


  • Adapted from The Telegraph, UKThere isn't much evidence of Vettel in person as his personal life cannot be seen through any kind of social media. He doesn't have any accounts as he likes to keep to himself and not be distracted or influenced by the media. It may also be the reason why he and his partner haven't released any pictures of their first daughter.Vettel was born a common man, with a moderate background, and he likes to interact with people. He has attended special events, most recently in Monza 2015 where they met the fans of Ferrari. At Red Bull he'd take the time to sign the model cars which fans could later buy. He would attend sessions and he'd take the most time to give his signature out of the entire grid on a race weekend.By his team and those who worked with him, he has been described as an enthusiastic man. He's keen on helping the team and has always been trying to show his good side and his optimistic self. His engineers at Red Bull had even said that Vettel would arrive the earliest and make everyone's coffee. Something you wouldn't expect from a World Champion, but a nice gesture none the least. It also motivated his team into working with him.As a person he's a happy, optimistic guy who is dedicated to his profession.

  • AchievementHe is a four-time Formula One World Champion, having won the championship in2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, with Red Bull Racing.

  • Passion for HELMET DESIGNINGSebastian Vettel has a passion for designing helmets.This started at a young age.In 2010 Japanese Grand Prix, 2012 Italian Grand Prix, he used his own original designs.By the end of the2013 Formula One Season, Vettel had used 76 different helmets throughout his career.

  • Helmets designed by Vettel


  • Indian Grand Prix was inaugurated on 18th October, 2011.

    Located at Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.Its 40 km from New Delhi.The track length is 5.13 km.The track was designed by a German racetrack designer Hermann Tilke.The total cost was $20 billion (approx.)***SEBASTIAN VETTEL WON WITH REDBULL-RENAULT WITH 25 POINTS.

  • SEB QUOTES :"I don't care too much what happened in the past. I prefer to focus on what is coming next and I am really looking forward to it.