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  • 8/10/2019 Sprecher's Menu


    $8 LunchCombos $9Sprecher's

    SpecialtiesMeatloafOur special recipe with veggies and pepper jack cheese, topped with onion

    straws and savory gravy on beer cheese potatoes and fresh vegetables

    SchnitzelTender breaded pork topped with a fried egg, served with a creamy caper

    sauce, beer cheese potatoes and Chefs vegetables

    Chicken Asado New!Grilled tequila lime marinated chicken breast served with house-made

    cachapas and creamy maz asado. Topped with corn and black bean salsa

    Rathskeller Chicken Mac-n-CheeseCavatappi pasta in our house-made cheese sauce tossed with blackened

    chicken and bacon. Topped with Parmesan and parsley

    Fish 'N' ChipsTwo pieces of Sprecher beer-battered cod with pub fries and coleslaw

    Munich Meatballs New!Classic German meatballs with a hint of anchovy in creamy caper sauce.

    Served with house made spaetzle and spicy red cabbage

    1/2 ReubenCorned Beef slow-roasted in Sprecher Black Bavarian, our own

    sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and thousand island dressing with

    spicy beer mustard served on the side

    1/2 Sprecher Wrap**Chicken, fresh greens, red pepper, red onion, tomatoes, spicy

    pecans, tortilla strips, white cheddar cheese and ranch dressing in

    a flour tortilla

    1/2 Spinach, Quinoa & Chickpea Wrap New!Fresh spinach, quinoa, chickpeas, tomatoes and red peppers tossed

    in a light citrus vinaigrette and wrapped in a honey wheat tortillaspread with roasted garlic hummus. Add chicken 1.59

    Brew Pub BratA beer-boiled brat, finished on the grill, topped with Bavarian

    sauerkraut, onions, bacon and spicy beer mustard

    1/2 Pulled PorkSlow-roasted pulled pork, Sprechers BBQ sauce, Gouda cheese,

    jalapeo slaw and crisp onion straws on a toasted onion bun


    Soup & SaladChoose a bowl of house-made soup and a side salad from below 6.99

    House-made Soups 4Sprechers Beer Cheese A delightfully comforting classic topped with fresh scallions

    French Onion Topped with provolone cheese and croutonsSoup of the Day Please ask your server for our Chef's soup today

    Served on our house-made artisan beer crust. Add soup or salad for $2.Substitute a gluten-free crust for $2 extra.

    Combos include your choice of fresh side salad or home-made soup listed

    below and a choice of side. Gluten-free bun available for $1 extra

    Side Salads 4House Salad Chopped mixed greens, b

    croutons, grape tomatoes and white chedda

    Wedge Salad Chilled iceberg, tomatoes, bacon & buttermilk bleu cheese dressi

    * Hamburgers and steaks that are served rare or medium-rare may be undercooked and will only be served upon the cons

    request. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellsh or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne i** We use nuts and nut-based oils in these menu items. If you are allergic to nuts or any other foods, please let us kn

    SidesPub Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings,peo Slaw, Hash Browns, Beer Cheese Potatoes,hef's Vegetables, Roasted Mushroom Quinoa,

    Cranberry Pecan Rice**

    The Old Stand ByHouse-made marinara, Italian sausage, pepperoniand mozzarella10" round 10.79; 15" Sprechtangle 12.99


    House-made marinara, mozzarella, tomatoes andfresh basil10" round 9.79; 15" Sprechtangle 12.99

    Spicy Thai**Spicy Thai sauce, chicken, Gouda cheese, redpeppers, napa cabbage, peanuts and cilantro10" round 10.79; 15" Sprechtangle 13.99

    Bufalo ChickenBuffalo cheese sauce, grilled chicken andGotopped with bleu cheese crumbles and scalDrizzled with buffalo sauce and ranch dress10" round 10.79; 15" Sprechtangle 13.99

    BBQ ChickenSprechers BBQ sauce, chicken, Gouda, bacocaramelized onions and cilantro10" round 9.79; 15" Sprechtangle 12.99

    TailgaterAmerican cheese sauce, sliced bratwurst, bbits, Gouda, sauerkraut and spicy beer mus10" round 10.79; 15" Sprechtangle 13.99