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    Prepared by :

    Faisal Jubair (BBA)

    ID # 07510043

    Ahmed Nahian Nahin (BBA)

    ID # 0730127

    Zadid Ashrahi (BBA)

    ID # 0202!

    "ubmied $%

    Nazia Nabi


    Schoo o! "u#i$e## % &ITS'

    Cour#e Code: MKT%()*

    Se+e#ter: Su++er-.

    /ate o! Sub+i##io$: 0.thAu1u#t, 2--.


  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    Au1u#t, 0.th2--.

    Nazia Nabi

    Lecturer, Schoo o! "u#i$e##

    &$i3er#ity o! I$!or+atio$ Tech$oo1y a$d Scie$ce# 4&ITS5'

    Gu#ha$%2, /ha6a%0202

    "ub&e'% "ubmissi$n $ he erm aer*

    /ear Mada+,

    I$ the !oo7i$1 attached pa1e#, 7e ha3e pre#e$ted a report, 8+ar,ein- A'i.iies $

    D/9' Thi# i# #ub+itted i$ partia !u!i+e$t o! the reuire+e$t# !or the 1raduatio$ o!

    "'"'A' It 7a# both a pea#ure a$d chae$1e a# 7e !or u# to 7or6 u$der your #uper3i#io$a$d 7e !or 7hich 7e 7i a7ay# be 1rate!u to you' The topic o! +y #tudy i# 3ery +uch

    appropriate !or u# a# 7e had the opportu$ity to appy our theoretica 6$o7ed1e, 7hich

    7e had acuired at a# 7e a# our pro!e##io$a 6$o7ed1e, 7hich 7e ha3e acuired

    duri$1 the ti+e o! our #tudy'

    La#ty, 7e 7oud i6e to e;pre## our #i$cere appreciatio$ a$d tha$6# !or your cooperatio$

    !or the report'

  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait



  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    Executive Summary

    The title of our term paper is Marketing Activities of DHL. We have

    discussed the activities of a specific company which is quiet significant. In 1969

    !ust months after the world had marveled at "eil #rmstrong$s first steps on the

    moon the three partners too% another small step that would have a profound

    impact on the way the world does &usiness. With this concept a new industry

    was &orn' international air e(press the rapid delivery of documents and

    shipments &y airplane. )*+ ,(press is the first international air e(presses

    company to set up operations in -angladesh in 199. Today with over /0

    employees and more than 2 operational vehicles )*+ ,(press -angladesh is

    the largest #ir ,(press 3ompany operating in the country. With glo&al e(pertise

    in solutions e(press air and ocean freight and overnight transport )*+

    com&ines worldwide coverage with an in4depth understanding of local mar%ets.

    5ne thing that sets us apart from other companies is our motivated and engaged

    employees which personify the famous )*+ spirit. )*+ mostly follows the

    pattern which is more orthodo( &ut it creates a good support for the customer

    who goes &eyond what they e(pect from them. The mainframe of what is calledthe Integrated 7ervices 8ar%eting. #s )*+ is a glo&al organiation its

    organiational environment varies from country to country they have developed

    different mar%eting activities for different countries. The company is

    indispensa&ly dependent on three ma!or &ases. These &ases confronts to &e the

    most significant and influential foundation. The &ases are : the company

    employees and the customers who play a very important role to ma%e )*+ what

    it is today.


  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    Table of ontentsPage No

    Introduction44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 1

    5rigin of the report 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 1

    -ac%ground of the report 4444444444444444444444444444444444444 1

    5&!ective of the report 44444444444444444444444444444444444444444 1

    -enefit of the report 44444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 /

    +imitations of the report 444444444444444444444444444444444444444 /

    ;ro&lem 7tatement 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 oor5

    Road 2, Ne7 /HDS

    Moha6hai/ha6a 02-)

    Co+ia EP

    Co+ia Hd Airport

    Co+ia (--


    Mo+taz Paza, Dou#e: *, Road: B,

    Mirpur Road, /ha6a'


    Sha!i "haba$, C/A, Pot: ),

    S6' MuFib Road

    A1rabad CA,

    Te: -(0%-2-), *0.(%), *0)2*)

    >a;: .. -(0 *2))0


    02B Ea#t Mirpur, Ro6eya Sara$i, /ha6a'


    .- ?" Co+pe; 4Grou$d >oor5,

    C/A A3e$ue, Ea#t Na#irabad, Chitta1o$1'


    )* /IT Road, Ra+pura, /ha6a'

    Chitta1o$1 EP

    Roo+:(, Hd Ser3ice Co+pe;Chitta1o$1 E;pport Proce##i$1 o$e, Dai#har,Chitta1o$1'

    Kar7a$ "azar

    B Kazi Nazru I#a+ A3e$ue, /ha6a'


    Da#a$ Ma$Fi 4Grou$d >oor5,

    (22 Khatu$1a$F, Chitta1o$1'


    &ttara To7er, Pot: 0, Sector: (,

    ?a#i+uddi$ A3e$ue, &ttara, /ha6a'


    Cha+ber Me$#io$,

    Kha$%E% Sabur Road,

    K/A CA, Khu$a


    o$e Ser3ice "uidi$1/ha6a E;port Proce##io$1 o$e

    Ga$a6bari, Sa3ar, /ha6a'


    No7ab Co+pe;0 i$da "azar, Syhet'


  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    The ne0 DHL brand architecture

    With the acquisition of ,(cel plc in )ecem&er /0 )eutsche ;ost World "et

    further strengthened its logistics power. #s a result )*+ is now operating with

    two new logistics &rands' )*+ ,(cel 7upply 3hain and )*+ Klo&al Forwarding.

    To cover all of your service needs )*+ operates under five specialist divisions'

    DHL */press

    )*+ ,(press is the perfect partner for all your worldwide e(press and parcel

    needs. 5ur "etwor% covers over 2 offices and more than 1/

    destinations worldwide.

    )*+ ,(press is the result of the consolidation of the former )*+ Worldwide

    ,(press &usiness and the )eutsche ;ost ,uro ,(press parcels &usiness and

    offers 7ame )ay ,(press ;arcel and Freight services.

    DHL 1reight

    )*+ Freight offers international and national transport solutions for part and full

    load in ,urope. We move goods &y road rail and a com&ination of the two.

    )*+ Freight covers the former non4documents and non4parcels &usiness as well

    as the former )anas ,urocargo road transport &usiness.

    DHL ,"oba" 1or0arding

    )*+ Klo&al Forwarding is the mar%et leader in air and ocean freight and a

    pro!ect logistics services provider operating worldwide. # range of value4added

    services rounds off the product and service portfolio giving an e(cellent mar%et

    position and providing our customers with a unique service dimension worldwide.

    DHL */e" #upp"& %hain

    >egardless of whether you operate in the healthcare technology L aerospace

    automotive L industrial or retail Lconsumer Lfashion sectors we can handle all of

    your comple( glo&al logistics tas%s' )*+ ,(el 7upply 3hain provides you with


  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    customised IT4&ased solutions along the entire supply chain.

    #s well as core procurement logistics warehousing and sales logistics

    operations we offer top4flight value4added services such as finishing co4pac%ing

    price la&elling &illing order processing 4 all the way to sales promotion and

    financial services.

    DHL ,"oba" Mai"

    Klo&al 8ail offers comprehensive international mail services and provides

    outstanding e(pertise in international direct mar%eting services and pu&lication


    The 0or"d2s "argest e/press and "ogistics Net0ork

    )*+ is the glo&al mar%et leader in international e(press overland transport and

    air freight. It is also the world$s num&er 1 in ocean freight and contract logistics.

    )*+ offers a full range of customised solutions 4 from e(press document

    shipping to supply chain management.

    -elow are the glo&al facts and figures that show you the scale of the world$s

    largest e(press and logistics networ%.

    ,"oba" 1acts and 1igures

    "um&er of ,mployees' around /@0

    "um&er of 5ffices' around 60

    "um&er of *u&s Warehouses ? Terminals' more than 20

    "um&er of Kateways' /2

    "um&er of #ircraftM' 2/

    "um&er of Nehicles' 6/"um&er of 3ountries ? Territories' more than //

    7hipments per Cear' more than 1.0 &illion

    )estinations 3overed' 1/

    M 5wn and foreign airlines


  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    The 'or"d of DHL

    Making a difference in counities across the 0or"d3

    5ne thing that sets us apart from other companies is our motivated and engagedemployees which personify the famous )*+ spirit. They em&ody our quest to

    accept our social and environmental responsi&ilities as included in our corporate

    values. They ma%e a difference in local communities worldwide &y tac%ling

    challenges which they see as important.

    5ur employees are the driving force &ehind our e(tensive community investment

    programme. In the 5ur World section of our 3orporate we&site you can find

    many e(amples of employee4led community investment initiatives.

    DHL *astern *urope4 Midd"e *ast and Africa

    )*+ ,gypt employees spent the day in 8arch /6 ta%ing care of disa&led

    orphans during their first community investment initiative.

    DHL Latin Aerica and the %aribbean

    )*+ -rail recently mar%ed the fifth anniversary of its hunger4reduction

    partnership. )uring the first 0 years of the partnership over 26 %ilos of foodwere distri&uted to hungry people in 7 ;aulo.

    DHL Aericas

    )*+ =7#$s *ouston 3ustomer 3all 3entre employees helped people affected &y

    *urricane Gatrina in /0.

    DHL *urope

    )*+ employees in -elgium and Kermany together with other employees from

    the )eutsche ;ost World "et Kroup donated [email protected] winter !ac%ets for children

    affected &y the /0 earthqua%e in ;a%istan.


  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    DHL Asia Pacific

    )*+ India employees helped 7anta deliver smiles to underprivileged children in

    )ecem&er /0.

    *conoic Perforance

    'e have a positive ipact on the econoies of ore than 556

    countries and territories3

    5ur range of mail e(press and logistics services facilitate trade and sustaina&le

    economic development there&y helping to grow economies create !o&s reduce

    poverty and raise living standards.

    DHL facilitates trade which provides jobs and helps economies to grow.

    *conoic perforance of DHL

    5ur sustaina&ility4&ased approach has helped us to &ecome a strong and

    financially successful company. We share this success with many others for

    e(ample &y providing /@0 people with !o&s helping our customers to &e

    successful purchasing &illions of ,uro worth of goods and generating significantta( revenues.

    Prooting sustainab"e econoic deve"opent

    5ur mail e(press and logistics services promote sustaina&le economic

    development &y'

    0' *elping millions of customers to trade and to increase their sales

    2' Wor%ing with &usinesses to lower their costs and help them to remain

    competitive for e(ample &y'


  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    +owering inventory levels using !ust4in4time logistics or the outsourcing of

    logistics. 5utsourced logistics &enefit our customers &y offering more

    competitive cost structures and improved value added

    (' Facilitating trade and commerce which generates employment reduces

    poverty raises standards of living and helps to &uild strong and sta&le


    #s part of our community investment programs we support micro

    entrepreneurs and micro &usiness


    We wor% with partners to ma(imie the effectiveness of our 7ustaina&ility

    program and to deliver help to more people.

    ,"oba" partners

    $N #&ste

    )*+ has entered into a long4term glo&al partnership with the =" 7ystem. Thepartnership has two main focus areas' medical logistics and disaster

    management. In terms of medical logistics we are wor%ing together with ="I3,F

    in the fight to reduce child mortality. We are also supporting the =" )evelopment

    ;rogram A=");B and the =" 5ffice for the 3oordination of *umanitarian #ffairs

    A53*#B in the area of disaster management.

    U.N. Secretary-General ofi !nnan and "oni#a $%lf-"athies& '(ec%tive )ice

    *resident& +orporate *%blic *olicy and S%stainability& De%tsche *ost $orld Net.

    5ur partnership with the =" 7ystem is founded on our commitment to the ="

    Klo&al 3ompact. The )eutsche ;ost World "et Kroup &ecame a signatory to the

    =" Klo&al 3ompact in July /6 &uilding on )*+$s signing of the =" Klo&al

    3ompact in #ugust /1.


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    In an address to the World ,conomic Forum on Ts are made up of trained )*+ volunteers. Their mission is to manage air

    cargo operations at the airport closest to the disaster4affected region 4 there&y

    reducing &ottlenec%s and %eeping the airport open for additional relief flights.

    ,he main tas# of the DHL Disaster esponse ,eams is to manage air cargo

    operations at the airport and ens%re that incoming relief s%pplies reach people



  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    5ur aim is to set up a glo&al networ% of )>Ts which provide coverage to

    areas of the developing world prone to ma!or sudden4onset natural disasters'

    The )>T #sia ;acific &ased in 7ingapore was inaugurated on /1 #pril

    /6 and is ready for deployment.

    The )>T #mericas &ased in south Florida was inaugurated on Ts we plan on wor%ing with &oth the ="); and 53*# on a

    range of further initiatives in the fields of disaster preparedness and disaster


    8any of our community investment initiatives also support the ="$s 8illennium

    )evelopment Koals.

    'or"d *conoic 1oru

    We are a strategic partner of the World,conomic Forum AW,FB. We participate

    in the W,F$s +ogistics ? Transportation 3orporate 3itienship Initiative.


    We partner with #I,7,3 the world$s largest student organiation. We provide

    challenging internships for students around the world. We are &oth an #lumni

    "etwor% ;artner and a Klo&al ,(change ;artner.

    Loca" Partners

    In addition to our glo&al partnerships our country management teams and

    employees partner with many local organiations worldwide. 5ne of our preferred

    partners at the local level are the >ed 3ross and >ed 3rescent societies.


  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    The $5ur world$ section on our 3orporate 7ustaina&ility we&site contains

    e(amples of many other local community investment initiatives.

    Tie Definite De"iver& 7TDD8 service

    DHL e/pands geographica" reach of Tie Definite De"iver& 7TDD8


    )ha%a < #pril /6 : )*+ the worldEs leading e(press and logistics company

    today e(panded the geographical reach of its Time )efinite )elivery AT))B

    service to include -angladesh. This will help customers in -angladesh to send

    their urgent time4sensitive documents and parcels to 106 cities in

  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    The availa&ility of the T)) service from -angladesh to different countries is listed

    &elow. ;lease contact the )*+ 3ustomer 7ervices *otline [email protected]@/[email protected]@1< to

    find out more a&out T)).

    )egions 9 Asia Pacific #tart Da& */press

    7ingapore *ong Gong Thailand Taiwan ;hilippines

    )egions9 Asia Pacific4 Midd"e *ast : *urope Midda& */press

    7ingapore *ong Gong Thailand Gorea Japan 8alaysia 3hina #ustralia

    India Taiwan ;hilippines =#, #ustria -elgium 3ech >epu&lic )enmar%

    Finland France Kermany *ungary Iceland Ireland Italy +u(em&ourg

    "etherlands "orway ;oland ;ortugal 7lova%ia 7lovenia 7pain 7weden

    7witerland =G


    )*+ is the glo&al leader in logistics 4 with more highly e(perienced professionals

    at more locations in more countries than any other provider. 5ur goal is to &uild

    strong long4term partnerships with customers &y providing world class services

    across all our operations.

    We are the first choice for companies loo%ing to outsource freight forwardingwarehousing distri&ution transport and supply chain management. #fter !oining

    forces with ,(cel in /0 we are now also the sector$s leading innovator 4

    providing the e(traordinary range of cutting4edge solutions you will &e a&le to

    e(plore on these pages.

    5ur logistics customers include over 0P of the world$s largest quoted non4

    financial enterprises. These organiations trust us with their &rands and

    reputations not simply &ecause we$re the worldwide mar%et leader &ut &ecause

    we strive to deliver glo&ally consistent services of the highest quality wherever

    they wor% with us.

    For us e(cellence is a&out achieving &eyond e(pectations for all our customers

    whatever their sie and wherever they need us.


  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    DHL ;*# A0ards

    DHL ;oung *ntrepreneurs for #ustainabi"it& 7;*#8 A0ards

    / mar%s the half4way point in the &id to realie the =" 8illennium

    )evelopment Koals A8)KsB which range from halving e(treme poverty to halting

    the spread of *INL#I)7 and providing universal primary education &y /10. This

    is therefore a good time to re4energie efforts towards realiing the =" 8)Ks

    and to cele&rate the many successes that have already &een achieved.)*+ supports the wor% of the =nited "ations and the realiation of the 8)Ks.

    We are a signatory to the =" Klo&al 3ompact and have glo&al humanitarian

    partnerships with ="I3,F ="); and =" 53*#.

    In / the )*+ C,7 #wards were launched in five countries' -angladesh

    ;a%istan The ;hilippines 7ingapore and Thailand. In each of these countries

    social entrepreneurs came forward to participate in the #wards. These

    individuals clearly demonstrated through their wor% the power that a single

    person has to create and drive positive social change.

    We are proud to present to you the first cadre of social entrepreneurs for the )*+

    C,7 #wards. -y sharing their stories we hope to pass on their &est practices.

    We &elieve that they can serve as an inspiration to other li%e4minded individuals.

    ,he aim of the DHL ;*# A0ardsis to recogni/e yo%ng social entreprene%rswor#ing to reali/e the UN "illenni%m Development Goals.

    The #wards aim to identify and recognie the contri&utions of young people who

    are implementing innovative methods and practices to &ring a&out positive social

    change in their communities. We call these young individuals $social


    $7ocial$ &ecause their fundamental purpose is to &ring a&out positive social

    impacts and $entrepreneurs$ as they em&ody the $can4do$ spirit and implement


  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    &usiness models and principles to reach their goals. 7ocial entrepreneurs do

    more to realie social change than either philanthropic donations or a country$s

    social services alone could achieve. They play a critical role in lifting their

    communities out of marginaliation inequality and help to provide them with the

    economic tools to move forward.

    In each of the five participating countries a national winner was selected &y a

    respected panel of "ational Jury. From these five outstanding national winners a

    regional winner was chosen &y an International 3ouncil comprised of

    international leaders in social enterprise development and &usiness. Cou can

    find out more a&out the regional winner in the attached )*+ C,7 #wards press


    The )*+ C,7 #wards have &een developed with the support of ;artners in

    3hange 4 an advisory partner to )*+ for the inaugural year /. ;artners in

    3hange are an India4&ased not4for4profit organiation wor%ing in the field of

    3orporate 7ocial >esponsi&ility A37>B.

    MA)+*TIN, A%TI.ITI*#

    )*+ mostly follows the pattern which is more orthodo( &ut it creates a good

    support for the customer who goes &eyond what they e(pect from them. The

    &asis of creating a fractional identity in the service world )*+ holds together its

    main accumulative measures to have good control over the customers who does

    spread positive word of mouth. This helps them to have a good emphasis on

    service delivery.

    The mainframe of what is called the Integrated 7ervices 8ar%eting

    3ommunications of )*+ is some what the most traditional structure which is

    moving more over towards the door steps of good and advanced mar%eting

    sequences which is giving ample opportunity for the organiation to spread its

    services all over the world.


  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    The Integrated Marketing %ounication of DHL

    For decades industry giants Federal ,(press and =nited ;arcel 7ervice together

    owned percent of the =.7. mar%et for e(press and pac%age delivery services.

    )*+ the worldwide that was aimed at

    core constituentEs and opinion leaders complemented the paid advertising .#nd

    the companyEs tangi&les &ecame and &right yellow &ac%ground on every )*+


  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    &uilding vehicle courier uniform pac%aging unit and drop &o( in "orth


    )*+ used sponsorship as %ey element of the campaign highlighted &y its role

    as the 5fficial ,(press )elivery and +ogistics ;rovider of /2 =.7. 5lympics


    Targeting small and medium sied &usiness which have larger revenue per

    shipment and are more profita&le )*+ created one of the most coordinated

    services mar%eting communication companies in history. The advertising

    company achieved integration through color theme tagline and design.

    %ounication and #ervice Marketing Triang"e

    )e"evanc& 0ith DHL

    #s )*+ is a glo&al organiation its organiational environment varies from

    country to country. In these circumstances )*+ has developed different

    mar%eting activities for different countries. These activities are also fle(i&le.

    )*+Es corporate level strategy is fi(ed &ut divisional and functional level strategy

    changes &ecause they are set up &y the country managers &y analying the

    environment. )*+Es technology is mainly &ased on networ% collection and

    distri&ution. Its human resource is highly s%illed and qualified. They are also

    empowered so that they can ma%e quic% decisions.

    The mar%eting activities of )*+ are phenomenal. The overall mar%eting activities

    are a com&ination of promotional and functional strategies. 7o li%e all other

    organiations )*+ does have an infrastructure for communication and mar%eting

    related programs. It goes through varies negotia&le steps. Which are the reasons

    for creating the services mar%eting triangle. #s li%e any other organiation )*+

    has made use of there communication e(pertise to fulfill a standard mar%eting



  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    The company is indispensa&ly dependent on three ma!or &ases. These &ases

    confronts to &e the most significant and influential foundation. The &ases are :

    the company employees and the customers who play a very important role to

    ma%e )*+ what it is today. There are &oth way communications in the

    organiation which are vertical and horiontal. This occurs amongst the

    employees of )*+. There is also e(ternal mar%eting communication which

    occurs &etween the company and the customers through advertising and pu&lic

    relation. 5n the other hand the interactive mar%eting remains the &ase for

    customer service center and service encounter which occurs &etween the

    employees and the customers.

    #'OT ANAL;#I#

    In terms of 7W5T #nalysis)*+ has some organiational strengths wea%ness

    and environmental opportunities and threats.

    )*+Es e(tensive glo&al presence ena&les it to provide unmatched worldwide

    services from its offices in every country . Throughout )*+Es history it has

    led the way with investments in information technology that ena&les it to

    ship trac% and trace documents and pac%ages quic%ly and efficiently. This

    technological investment is no dou&t their strength. )*+",T is their glo&al

    high4speed T3;SI; communications networ% ena&ling customers to trac% the

    status of shipments and delivery schedules and pricing information from

    anywhere in the world. It ensures that information travels ahead of the goods.

    )*+Es use of ,)I A,lectronic )ata InterchangeB enhances speed and efficiency in

    shipping &illing and data management. Its computeried processing service is

    the industries easiest most fle(i&le system. In selected countries it offers a

    trac%ing system which can &e accessed through automated phone prompts.

    It uses electronic trac%ing system to ensure the safety and security of

    shipments worldwide. )*+ worldwide pac%age e(press is the fastest most


  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    relia&le way to send non document goods door to door virtually anywhere in

    the world which also includes customs clearance.

    )ue to the continuing rise of fuel prices )*+ #irways has found it necessary

    to raise the current fuel surcharge to four percent. The dramatic increases

    in fuel prices have continue to have a significant negative impact on their

    &usinesses. Nolumetric weight sometimes called dim or dimensional weight

    is used when the space a pac%age ta%es on an aircraft may cost more

    than the pac%agesE actual weight. For this reason )*+ has to increase

    shipping cost and sometimes loses its customers. This may &e regarded as

    an environmental threat.


    The main way of remaining the &est is in this competitive world is &y formulating

    the mar%eting strategies in a very organied and efficient manner. It is the

    foremost reason of why a company li%e )*+ will sustain in this comple( and

    crafty environment of &usiness. The mar%eting activities do put a lot of emphasis

    on how the company survives in a sufficient &reath ta%ing situation. It settles a

    &ond &etween the consumers and the service provider that is )*+ which ma%es

    it the &iggest and the most successful logistic organiation at present e(isting in

    the world. It is an a&solute advantage for those who are a part of this company.

    The format in which the infrastructure of )*+ is &uilt has a nice way of presenting

    what message it gives to the consumers. 7o !ust li%e the tagline theme and color

    three of which are individually significant can &e often irresisti&le due to several

    e(ternal factors. )*+ holds the &est category of remaining a trusted name in the

    service world. It is essential to delivering services that customers perceive as

    high quality. -ecause company communications a&out services promise what

    people do and &ecause peopleEs &ehavior cannot &e standardied li%e physical

    goods produced &y machines the potential for a mismatch &etween what is


  • 8/21/2019 DHL Company Portrait


    communicated and perceptions of actual service delivery a&out when promise

    do not match the service provided can &e high. ThatEs why it was claimed &y one

    of the officials of )*+ #s our red and &right yellow truc%s &egin rolling through

    the streets advertising increases and customers see our e(panded product

    offering the realiation will set in that )*+ is an even more powerful force in the

    mar%etplace. 7o &y all respective terms which has even a minor effect on

    companyEs real service delivering process )*+ sets standards that are

    recognied highly proclaim a&le at all stages of the mar%eting world. 7o &y

    coordinating communication within and outside the organiation )*+ can well

    move forward with minimiing the claims of falsification which will create a more

    successful phases for the organiation in the mere future.



    /. 7ervices 8ar%eting :&y4

    Nalarie #. Heithaml


    8ary Jo -itner