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Vol. 10, No. 1 January, 1969

Our Christmas was extra good, in that we received a special Christmas presentdelivered just at the beginning of the day following Christmas. Our son, Steven,and his wife, Rosalie, had a^9 pnnnd habv b.fl^ He has been named^^^mhew^^St^^e^^

Christmas Eve, we went to Stanley's and on Christmas Day they had dinner at ourhouse. All of our Christmas packages have arrived except for one. We visited allthe Sunday schools with their Christmas treats. One had not given us ,a large enoughnumber» so we went back on the 29th. I did not go, for I was sick, but Lynn wentto preach'and Vernita taught the Sunday School and played the accordion for bothSunday School and church.

I am going to make our booking for returning to the States in the next few days.JWo plan^tJ). be Jn the-States right at the end of June. Sandra had on-hand the la^ttime w6 heard, just about $370.93. Our tickets from Johannesburg to New York areabout $1,700. New York to Minneapolis is just over $180 and it will take about$70 from here to Johannesburg. All of this money should be on hand in the Statesby the first of May, for it must be paid one month before we are to leave here. Wewould Save more if we could get round trip tickets.

We had the privilege of attending a very lar^^ Indian wedding. "^is youngcouple were members of the Non-Instrument church near Durban. They have nd marriageofficer, so they asked Lynn Stanley to do the weddi%«aaid„,aj§Ji^«Jis^^^^^ as well.There must have been 500 people present. After they had signed their papers, theycame back and sat on a raised platform while a hancL^pla^yed and spppp.hpg wptpAll of the guests present were given curry and rice. We found this to be very goodas well, for it was not hot (perhaps we have become more used to it).

Lynn Stanley and Nick Qwemesha took the students back to Cradock and performedthe wedding ceremony for William Mguzulwa and Lizzie Gwilli. On the way down, atractor with a load of stone behind it, pulled on to the road without looking. Theymanaged to swing over enough that theyhad hit head on, someone would most certainly have been hurt.

On the 11th of December, we were invited to Umzumbe to have a part with themin their Christmas program. They a skit outside. It is so arrang^ed __thatThey were able to use the"^nanger where the cows are millced for the baby Jesus, andtook a little girl to play that part. Herod was most distressed when they askedhim where the King of the Jews had been born. What was especially noticed was thatthe position of the evening star was right over the manger so that when the wise-men came, it seemed they were following a bright star.

While we are home on furlough, the children are planning to take their vacations in August and we shall visit my mother and the part of the family that liveon the West Coast; that is the State of Washington.

Are there any ministers who have old Minister^ When some of themen were here^^^§-^^;'^tfRe"y were lookingP^F^^^^'''anav^y much wanted one like it.I can see where there are many things that would help them.

By saving and asking his brothers and sisters to send money rather thanpresents, James had gotten a new twelve string guitar. After he and Larry Stanleyhad played at the Conference in October, he has played for a number of other churchservices.

The church at Germisten just outside of Johannesburg has purchased a housewhich they will demolish and use the material for building a new home for the minister,

do hope you have all had a very Merry Christmas and that many joys shall beyoiirs in the Lord in the New Year.

Yours in Christian love,

Alvin, Vernita and James

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Vol. 10, No., 2 February, 1969

So many letters from the States speak of the cold and snow, but we are havingit the opposite. It is hot and dry, something that people cannot remember before.We are not to water our gardens at all because the dam is so low„ We remember backto the first January we were here in 1954. There were 21 days of rain that monthsThat is, 21 days when it rained some every day. Coming from South Dakota, we hadnever seen anything like that.

The Conference Committee had a meeting at Port Elizabeth on the 22nd and 23rdof January. We thought we would make it a little more of a holiday and left on the18th and went to Stutterheim, Thus, on Sunday we could visit the church and visitwith friends for a few days. When I came to the church on Sunday morning, theyhanded me the schedule. Vernita would have a Sunday School class for the littlechildren, James would sing and play for both Sunday School and church, and I wouldpreach for the morning service and also for the one in the afternoon. Monday nightI would visit the Experiment Farm just outside of town. Tuesday night I would go tothe little town nearby which was a junction for the railway,- All was OK except forTuesday night when we had planned on being in Port Elizabeth. So I asked to changeit to Friday night when we would be on our way back. Outside of time for services,we did not spend a great deal of time with the church, for there were two ministerswith us who did the other preaching at extra services.

Tuesday on our way to Port Elizabeth, we had cloudy weather and rain near P.E.It made it a nice drive. It takes me a little time to find my way around in PortElizabeth, for while they have some very nice freeways, they are not so well marked.I do not go there often enough to remember which one I want until I am right on it.We settled the men with us in one of the homes and then went out to stay with Mr.and Mrs. Daddy. Mr. Daddy s parents live in Port Shepstone. Years ago when Ivisited them, he was working in the African location. They certainly took good careof us while we were with them.

In Port Elizabeth we also got to see the Carrol Fulford and Darrel Stanleyfamilies. Darrel and Ann had driven up to spend a little time with his folks. A1Zimmerman was present from Capetown and John Kernans from East London.,

Tuesday after lunch, we began our meeting which was three sessions ending theafternoon of the next day, All felt that we had a very profitable meeting and muchgood was done. Wednesday night after Commiiiee Meeting, the people from the colouredlocation invited some of us over. Brother Zimmerman and I each took a load. It wasa good day for those of the brethren who spoke Afrikaans. We had tea with them andthen went on, leaving the visitors to do the preaching. A good crowd had gatheredbefore we left, so they had a good meeting

Friday, we drove back lo Stutterheim, When we arrived there Vernita had atemperature. She went to the doctor, he said it was a very bad throat and gave hercapsules to take. She did not feel like traveling so we were there until Sundayafternoon. I preached at the railway location and back at the Experiment Farm onSunday and there were ten confessions of faith on the two days.

We returned home on Sunday even if Vernita was not feeling too well, for shethought it was better to travel when it was not so hot. We got home Monday morninaat 2:00 A.M. ^

School has begun again at Hmzumbe. We have 10 students present. This comingweekend, I hope I shall bring two more back from Kimberley. We are sorry that notso many of the former students are back, but we are still off to a good start. Manyhave said they will be present next term and that it is a better one for them thanthis one.

We had a booking for the 24th of June, but did not take it for we now think wecan leave a week or two before that; that is, as soon as James is finished with hisexams. Our fare from Johannesburg to New York is $1,654.80. Thus far, we have received $515.00. Our sincere thanks to those who have sent to help us and we knowthat many more of you shall add your gifts as well.

James is back in school and enjoying it. They are in different classes forthey have chosen their subjects for the last four years. He has had a very sunburnedface from swimming in the sea. I guess we should try it to see how cool it is.

Mrs. Widlund spent some time in the hospital during January with pneumonia.We are so thankful that she is feeling better once again. But the strong medicinehas weakened her to some of the other diseases. We know that you shall continue tohold her up on prayer.

Yours in the Master's Service,


Lake WashingtonDassel, Minnesota 55325


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Alvin, Vernita, and James


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Vol. 10, No. 4 April, 1969

We are sorry that we are late, but it seems it is the order of the day as weseek to get things ready for our return„ We have been traveling almost every weekend and some of the places are some distance awayo During Easter time we visitedthe church at Idutywa and then the preaching Rally at Port Elizabetho The preaching Rally was very good and much enjoyed.

At Port Elizabeth, we saw Al Zimmerman, theSolomons as well as one of the church families atwell.

Carroll Fulfords, and the JimmyPort Elizabeth that we know very

We learned at Port Elizabeth that the 20 year old child of Judah Fazzie, whoministers at East London, was hit by a car and had to have surgery on his head.They are not sure how he is going to be, -

From the newspaper, we learned this last week that the South African Flightto New York has been moved from Sunday until Saturday, This is a little early, sowe are trying to work out a new schedule that will leave Johannesburg on the 9th or10th so we shall be in New York a day or so later. Money received for our returnfares stands near $1500 now. Also, much time in our schedule at home has beenfilled up.

We are in the second term at school. One former student did not get back andwe have received only three new ones, but we are glad for these. One is Ben Moroe,who is returning for more schooling. We wish some of the other ministers wouldtry to take a term a year for a while, Victor Mazibuko is an older man who hassaid he was coming for a long time. Lastly, we have the local chief's son. Healso indicated some time ago he would like to come, but only came this term. Thiswas not an easy decision in his coming, for he has not always lived the best. Butwe pray that the work of God shall strike deep into his heart, and he has certainlytried since being present.

Correspondence and needs of the African Ministers have greatly increased asthey have many things they want us to help them with before we leave. They havequestioned Us closely to make certain we are coming back, for they want the assurance that we shall be present later.

We have gotten a number of tasks done around the house and hope to have moredone shortly. But when we are gone on Saturday this slows us down, for it is a daywhen we have the whole day to work at home.

Sincerely in Christ,

Alvin and Vernita

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Vol. 10, No. 7 Seprember, 1969

Dear Friends,

With staying up too late at night, doing too much talking and eating too mttch,we are not getting the work done on time, but we are having a very good time. As Iwrite this, I am in the state of Washington and Vernita is down in Oregon., We havecome West to visit with our families.

Last week the church here in Edmonds had their Daily Vacation Bible School andwe taught or gave missionary stories both morning and evening. After three weeks ofcamp at Pine Haven in Minnesota, .lames and T picked up Vernita at Huron, SouthDakota and went to Pierre for Sunday services. This is the area in which I lived asa boy, so we had a great time visiting with relatives and friends. We had two daysto visit with Vernita's brother and then it was off for the open country of Montanaand two speaking dates there.

Steven and Sandra with their families, have also been ableiocome to Washingtonfor their vacation time. My brothers and sisters together with my Mother and Uncleshave given us a tape player for the pickup. The tapes with hymns on them will be agreat thing to draw the Africans in Africa. (Anyone have a portable P.A.System theywould like to have preach the Gospel in Africa?) My brother-in-law has helped memake a clothes closet for the camper.,

We have had a letter from the Stanleys. Their son, Michael with his new wifefinally made it out there. The camps had about the same attendance as last year.Because they were held the same week, they were short of teachers. Since the familywas present, the Stanleys went to the Game Park. They saw the Hons right after theyhad made a kill. This is something which we have not seen. We were very sorry tohear that Lynn was very sick after camp. The Bible Training School is open againwith a class almost as large as the one for the last term that we were there.

James is going to go to school at Siewariville and will stay with Steven andsalie at Pleasant Grove. They are going to let him take classes that will help

him most when we return to South Africa,.

May God richly bless and keep you all. We hope to see many of you in the daysthat are ahead. If we owe you a letter, we hope to get one Written. Letters writtento us at 16642 Gannon Avenue, Rosemount, Minnesota 55068, will reach us the quickest.

FORWARDING AGENT:Mrs. Ed WidlundLake WashingtonDassei, Minnesota 55325

Sincerely in Christ.

Alvin and Vernita

''-!C 11


Vole 10, No. 6 July, 1969

Our trip back from South Africa was a good one. We took the train to Johannesburg where we stayed with the Wally Farnham family. They had open house onSaturday and the other missionary families came for a visit. We visited theNatalspruit church on Sunday morning. They had the roof for their new minister'shome stacked in the church where no one could borrow it.

Monday morning we took the big Boeing plane from the airport. Flying on itwas almost like sitting in one's livingroom, it was so smooth. They flew so thatwe could see Lake Kariba and banked so we could see the mist rising from VictoriaFalls. We had two stops, Largos and Rabat before arriving in New York just aftermidnight. Then came the long and tired wait, for we could not get a plane on toMinneapolis until eight in the morning. But the trip on to Minneapolis wentquickly and the whole family was there to meet us. Even the little grandson lihada big smile for us.

The first few days we spent at Pleasantville, Minnesota with Steven, Rosalieand little Matt. It was wonderful to talk shop with your own son. Then back toMinneapolis to arrive only a short time before Valerie Lorraine put in her appearance at the Richard Hanson home.

Sunday, we spoke for the Bloomington Church. That afternoon, I was privilegedto attend the fiftieth Wedding Anniversary for iMr. and Mrs. G« H. Cachiaras atMinnesota Bible College. I saw many friends there as well. I had a wonderfulweek at Christian Harbor in Wisconsin. Vernita remained here at Rosemount to helpwith the wee one. At the same time, she gave the Missions lesson at the DailyVacation Bible School at Bloomington.

Sunday, the 29th of June, Mrs, Widlund had a get-together for her family andwe were able to be present. She is feeling very good at the present time and herblood is the best it has been for some time. We thank you for your prayers andknow that you will continue. That night, I spoke at Forrest Lake and Vernita atBloomington.

Tuesday, we took the bus to South Dakota and were met by my mother and several other members of the family. Shortly after arriving, Vernita was asked to singat a wedding of my niece, so we went to Pierre so she could check on music and

-pould take part in the wedding practice. This event brought togetker—man^members of my family that we might not have seen otherwise for sometime.

The evening of the 4th, we moved on to see Vernita's folks. We thought hermother would be away, but she arrived from the west that night. The meeting withher brothers and sisters was marred the next day when her younger brother had togo unexpectedly for surgery.

Sunday we visited the churches at Mitchell and Huron. How we enjoyed visiting with these friends of longstanding. We greatly enjoyed thenew church'buildingat Huron. We remembered when the first building was moved in and dedicated manyyears ago. This is their third church building which speaks of their continuedgrowth.

While at Pierre we got the new Dodge pickup. It is turquoise in color, hasa six cylinder motor, eight foot box with a four speed transmission. We arelooking for a small camper or a cover for it just now. We know that the Africansare going to be very happy when they see it and it will be a great help to ourwork over there. It has held us up here however, for we were planning to go tothe North American Convention and when I got here to register it in Minnesota,I found more papers were needed. It must be registered this week.

We have three weeks of camp at Pine Haven in Minnesota and then will work ourway west for a visit with members of my family living in Washington. Our scheduleis pretty well filled until the beginning of October.

School has closed at Umzumbe in South Africa and most of the students havegone home. The camps were held last week and I am anxious to know bow many t^eyhad in attendance.

When we left Umzumbe we took out the portable record player and left it withQwemesha. He said he knew what he was going to do with it. The next day on acall (si&k), he would take some students to set uip the record player and pre3chto the people who came. Perhaps he would do this at a second place as well. Heasked if we could not get a sound system whereby we would be able to reach a greater area with open air meetings.

NEEDS I Books which our African men can use. New tracts which could be goodfor translation. $200 for increased working link for growing work and growinginflation.

FORWARDING AGENT:Mrs. Ed WidlvundLake WashingtonDassel, Minnesota 55325


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First Christian Church

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Address Correction Reauested

Yours with Christian love,

Alvin, Vernita and James

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Vol. lOo Noc 8 October, 1969

Dear Friends,

We have traveled far and been in many meetings since we last wrote youo One of thetasks we find most difficult is that of writing letters because of the time it takes toget out the writing materials and then gathering them up and putting them away againoThere is almost always someone to talk to as well.

Vernita spent several weeks with her sister in Northeastern Orgeon. After visitingwith relatives in Washington, I journeyed with my mother back to South Dakota and on tolowac We spent one week with the church at Sutherland, Iowa. This was our last place ofministry before going to South Africau We spoke every night beginning onTuesday follow--ing Labor Day, Then during the day, sought to visit all the church families at home. We weregreatly impressed with the large number of young people at ail the services and their enthusiasm for the Lord's work.

We came back to Minnesota to see James for a little while and see how he was gettingalong at school. He is staying with his brother, Steven, a". Pleasant Grove and going toschool at Stewartville. He finds the work both differenr and a bit hard, but like theother children, he is not really working with one class. He is taking work that will helphim when he returns to South Africa.

Vernita had a meeting at Dassel, Minnesota and then we went to Humansville, Missouri.From here we attended the Missionary Rally at Madison Park in Quincy, Illinois. They askedus to come early for the Noon TV program and thus we had several days with the folks there.

Between Quincy and Knoxville, we visited at Hanoverton,, Ohio and theBrownsville churchnear there. We are truly thankful to these brethren because we arrived a week earlierthan we should have. They changed their plans and gave us a wonderful welcome.

The National Missionary Convention at Knoxville, Tennessee was a wonderful gathering.It would have been nice if more people could have attended. Vernita and I stayed atHarriman, Tennessee with Edith Vantrease who does typing and duplicating for Lynn Stanleyand Mark Maxey. We were, hov/ever, very tired when the week came to an end.

On the way back to Minnesota we stopped at Fairfleld and Noble, Illinois. We returnedto Stewartville to speak there before taking part in the Missionary Rally at LaCrosse,Wisconsin the first weekend in October. Not only did we enjoy the fellowship of the othermissionaries present and the church, but we stayed in the Robert Daily home. They are theparents of Cheri, the wife of our son John.

We have had no further word concerning the earthquake in South Africa. The town thatwas mentioned as having the damage is north and a little east of Capetown.

The ANNUAL MEETING OF THE CHURCHES in South Africa was held in Klerksdorp the firstof this month.

I am sorry that I did not give you the figures for the money given for our return fareto America. The total received was $2150.00. Our fares for Durban to Minneapolis were$1841.76. This left a balance of $309.24 plus interest, for this money has been kept allthe time in a savings account. We have placed in the account enough money for our returnto South Africa. Besides this we will have the additional expense of duly and freight onthe pickup trucks

A MICROPHONE AND P.A. AMPLIFIER have been given to us. This will operate off the battery of the pickup for use in South Africa. It will be a great help in using the tent formeetings in the African areas.

We have most of the things we wanted to take back with us to South Africa. We stillsee many things that tempt us - an electric portable typewriter is one thing we would reallylike to' have. Not only are there many letters to write but we want to do more work withthe duplicator which means more stencils to cut.

We ask that you continue to pray for us.bless and keep each of you in all you do.

This helps us immeasurably. May the Lord


Mrs, Ed Widlund

Lake WashingtonDassel, Minnesota 55325


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First Christian Church

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Address Correction Requested

Yours in the Master's Service,

Alvin &Vernita Nichors^lt^

J. - •

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#> 9

Vol. 10, No. 9

Dear Friends:


We wish you ail a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our lives have beengreatly blessed in our travels and visits with the Children of God here at home.

Thanksgiving was spent with our families in South Dakota. James as weJI as Sandraand Valerie, went with us. Others had hoped to go but could not get time off from work.We really did not need all the food that we had to eat, but the fellowship was great.

We have our booking on South African Airways leaving New York on Monday, thh•i^f^Januarj^and arriving in Johannesburg just after noon the next day. This will mean-that we shall be leaving Minnesota about the middle of the month. Even now we must begetting things in order for packing.

kSeveral letters have come to us from South Africa lately telling of the

growth of the work and telling of future plans. A number of older men areto be in school next year. Several married men with their families areplanning to be there. This could bring a new era as these men stay for alonger time, I'm sure it will make their schooling more meaningful.

Since the colleges are in session we have had the privilege of visiting four of the schools and speaking for chapel. We truly thank God forthese who are training to serve Christ. But may we also remember thatevery Christian is a servant of Christ. What would our churches be withoutelders, deacons, Sunday School teachers and many others who give theirtime and talents to the service of the Lord?

Plans are that all of our children shall gather with us at Sandra'sand Dick's home for Christmas. We are looking forward to this gatheringvery much. James has left school and will travel with us until time togo back. He had completed twelve weeks of work at the Stewartvilleschool. He is looking forward to getting back to the ocean. But hewill also have to start school right after we arrive back.

We have learned that it is not going to be cheap to send the pickupand camper back. Total cost for shipping and duty is going to run between $500 and $700, But since we shall be able to fill the back of thecamper and leave these things in it, they will go for free. We have alot of clothing and a few other things, so we hope that everything canbe put inside. Along with this we have had the use of the pickup fortraveling nearly 20,000 miles and will carry all of our things from Minneapolis to New York and thus save shipping costs.

God so loved...he gave his Son




Alvin, Vernita


J ames Nicholson