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Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld GmbHSteel Solutions

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Edelstahl Witten-KrefeldGmbH has been synonymous with know-how in manufacturing of speciality steels formore than 150 years; high-quality tool steels are still the focus of our steel production.

Extensive investments anda successful restructuringin recent years have alsoconsiderably strengthenedthe worldwide marketposition of Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld. This means for ourcustomers:

• even faster availabilityof optimum steels

• even higher quality of steel products

• even closer proximity toclientele

• even shorter productiontimes

• even wider productionrange.

Not only have our technical consulting and sales departmentscombined but also individual teams havebeen formed to better service customers worldwide.

Furthermore Thyssen Edelstahl Service GmbH(TES) has been incorporated;this measure will improvethe performance of Edelstahl Witten-Krefeldwith regard to domesticsales.

A further step was theintegration of the Thyssen heat treatmentfacilities. This enablesEdelstahl Witten-Krefeldto provide complete tooling projects, materialand heat treatment fromone source, with communication channelsthroughout the manufacturing process.


Faster, higher, bigger – Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld

Witten mill

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Our position in the worldmarket has fundamentallyimproved through theintegration of eleven salescompanies abroad.

Now Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld has – besides thealready existing saleschannels – its own subsidiaries in Australia,Brazil, Canada, China,France, Malaysia, Mexico,Portugal, Singapore, SouthAfrica, Turkey and the USA.

This tight web of worldwide distributioncentres in the mostimportant markets guarantees customer service at the highestlevel and directexchange of informationbetween end-user and manufacturer.

Thus Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld can strategicallyalign its machining shops and heat treatmentcapabilities exactly to the market requirements “just in time”.

Global player

05Tool steel stock at Witten

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The origins of EdelstahlWitten-Krefeld GmbHreach back to the years1853 and 1900 respectively.

The Witten mill was founded by Carl Berger in1853. Rolled and forgedlong products were themain focus.

The Krefeld mill was set up in 1900 by AugustThyssen and other industrialists with emphasis on tool steels.

Both companies mergedin 1975, trading as ThyssenEdelstahlwerke AG. Byanother merger of Thyssen Edelstahl AG andThyssen Stahl AG in 1992the business unit “semi-finished products, steelbars and forged products”was established withinThyssen Stahl AG.

This business unit becamean independent companyin 1994 as Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld GmbH, withproduction units at Witten,Krefeld and Hattingen.

Innovation out of tradition


Administrative building Witten, built in 1898/99

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The melting process, firststep in steel production,is located in the Wittenworks of Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld.

In our electric arc furnacewe melt tool steels as wellas high-alloyed engineeringsteels; stainless, acid andheat-resistant steels.Afterwards the liquid steelwill be cast in ingot mouldsor into a continuousbloomcaster according tograde and final dimensionof the product.

More than 50 differentdimensions of ingotmoulds are available.Concast blooms are manufactured by a two-strand vertical continuouscaster.

In order to meet especiallyhigh requirements as tohomogeneity and degreeof purity Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld operates threeelectro-slag remelting furnaces and one vacuumarc remelting furnace atits Krefeld site.

Steel production – melting, casting, remelting


New remelting furnace at Krefeld

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For the manufacture ofour diverse product rangea great number of hotforming units are available at Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld.

The further processing(hot forming) of theingots or continuous castblooms starts with thepre-heating in a rotary-hearth furnace at eitherthe completely redesignedroughing mill at Witten orat the forging shops inKrefeld and Witten.

In the roughing mill semi-finished products, bars,universal plates and flatbars are produced by oneblooming stand and twofinishing stands. For dressing and straighteningof semi-finished productsand bars two modernfinishing lines are available.

A 33MN open die forgingpress and the world’s biggest long forgingmachine currently in operation, which canhandle a final dimensionup to 550 mm, are locatedin Krefeld. For smallerdimensions another long forging machine isavailable at Witten.

State-of-the-art units forannealing, hardening and tempering are at thedisposal of the Witten and Krefeld plants.

In addition thin sheets canbe heat-treated withoutalmost any distortion inour modern precision hardening unit at Hattingen.

Rolling and forging


Precision long forging machine at Krefeld

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manufactured by state-of-the-art lathes, milling andgrinding machines.

The main emphasis here is on rolls, shafts, piercingmandrels, cylinders andguide rolls for continuouscasting lines.

The Witten machining shop manufactures tooland mould parts utilisingthe latest machining andcomputer technology.The product range coverspre-machined blocks aswell as precision milled/ground flats and squares, aswell as semi-finished andpre-finished mould partsweighing up to 50 tons.

We supply tailored solutions


Customers increasinglydemand individually tailored steel solutionsand steel products precisely adjusted to therequired application.

Edelstahl Witten-Krefeldtherefore not only offersoptimum steel grades indifferent shapes and sizes,but also pre-machinedparts and pre-finishedcomponents.

More and more the end-users wish to receive steelproducts without rollingor forging skin for furtherprocessing. At EdelstahlWitten-Krefeld rolled orforged bars as well as tuberounds can be peeled,turned, pressure-polishedand chamfered. Squaresand flats can be suppliedmilled or ground. At theKrefeld machining shoprotation-symmetric piecesup to 20 tons per piece are

Pre-machined tool mould

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Heat Treatment Technology

To optimise the resilienceof tools and componentsmade from specialtysteels, heat treatmenttailored to individualapplications is a must.

Quite often steels used for toolmaking do nothave the exact propertiesto meet the demands of the tool itself. It is therefore indispensable to modify this steel byheat treatment withregard to hardness,strength, toughness orwear resistance to make it meet the specification of the said tool or component.

Heat treatment technologyhas a long tradition atEdelstahl Witten-Krefeld.Individual solutions aredeveloped at Lüdenscheidand Stuttgart for allpossible kinds of heattreatment.

From hardening of pre-machined tools to customised surface treatments – the heattreatment technologyavailable at Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld allows us to offer complete tool projects in an optimal way and from one source.

Perfection and individuality from one source

15Plasma nitriding

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Quality Management

Avoiding mistakes insteadof discovering them

This is the simple butdemanding motto of thequality management atEdelstahl Witten-Krefeld.

A production aiming atzero defects and processreliability is our businessobjective. The focus hasshifted from materialtesting of the finishedproduct to monitoring ofthe production process.

The most important qualityfactor is the longstandingstaff and their know-how.This is why we offer adiversified programme for extended vocationaltraining at Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld which ishighly appreciated by thepersonnel. Furthermorethe experiences of theemployees from all levelswithin the company areintegrated into projectwork and are vital for finding solutions in Kaizenworkshops.

Total Quality Management

At Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld Total QualityManagement is based onan active and certifiedquality assurance systemaccording to EN ISO 9001,QS 9000, VDA 6.1TS 16949, KTA 1401 andspecial requirements ofthe aerospace industry.

From material control inmetallurgy, from meltingto casting, as well asstructural, surface,dimensional and identification checks in the rolling mill and forging shop finishingdepartments to themechanical-technologicaltest upon samples, all processes during production are monitored,controlled and regulated.

The customers’requirements as well asproduction process andtesting data are collected,processed and analysed inEDP systems according to

production and testsequence specifications.

These analyses help fordirect process control andassessment of the qualitylevel, making it the basis of a steady quality assurance or enhancementof the quality level.

Process monitoring instead of product check


Process monitoring at the Krefeld mill

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Product Range

Tool steels – as individual as your requirements

The solutions provided atEdelstahl Witten-Krefeldare as individual as thecustomers’ demandsregarding the right gradeof steel.

The wide range of toolsteels available from Edelstahl Witten-Krefeldmeet many requirementssuch as good machinability,high wear resistance, goodthermal conductivity,good hardenability as wellas excellent properties forpolishing and etching.

As an expert in specialitysteels and one of theworld’s biggestmanufacturers of toolsteels Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld today can produceexactly the steels necessaryfor your individual requirements.

More than 20,000 tons oftool steel in about 4,000different sizes and shapesare always available excentral stock at our works.

The product range of Edelstahl Witten-Krefeldcomprises three categoriesof tool steels:

- Cold-work steels / High-speed steels

- Hot-work steels- Steels for plastic



Machined tool steel

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Product Range

Whenever top efficiency is required from steel products, cold-work andhigh-speed steels fromEdelstahl Witten-Krefeldare in demand.

Due to their enormouswear resistance, highhardness, toughness andcompressive strength,cold-work and high-speedsteels from Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld set thestandards and make thosesteels the materials ofchoice for numerousdemanding industrialapplications.

We offer a variety of cold-work tool steels, fine-tuned to the respectiveapplications by alloyingelements. These high-performance steel gradesenjoy an outstandingreputation worldwide.

In close cooperation withend-users and based onactual feedback EdelstahlWitten-Krefeld continuously improvescold-work and high-speedsteels.

Due to their typical properties and their longservice life cold-work andhigh-speed steels are usedfor cutting, punching andbending tools, cold-forming dies and shearblades, drawing and stamping tools, threadcutting rolls and manymore applications.

The delivery programmeof cold-work and high-speed steels from Edelstahl Witten-Krefeldcovers the following brandnames:


Cold-work and high-speed steels


Saw blades from high-speed steel

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Product Range

If the strain goes to extremes, for example inforging dies, diecastingmoulds or extrusion tools,steels with extraordinary dimensional stability and resistance to thermalfatigue are required.

The high-class hot-worktool steels of EdelstahlWitten-Krefeld exactlymeet these demands.

Besides high resistance totempering and resistanceto thermal shock and fatigue they guaranteehigh wear resistance andtoughness under thermalload.

Typical applications forhot-work tool steels arediecasting moulds,extrusion tools, forgingdies, glass moulds andmandrels for the manufacture of seamlesstubes.

Edelstahl Witten-Krefeldsupplies highest steel quality for each of theseapplications and moreoveris in the position to endowthe required steels withspecial properties specifically tuned to theapplication in question.

The delivery programmeof hot-work tool steelsfrom Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld covers the following brand name:


Hot-work tool steels


Ring rolling mill

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Product Range

The perfection of a hardhat eventually depends on the choice of the rightsteel being used for theplastic moulding.

The high-quality plasticmould steels from Edelstahl Witten-Krefeldcan be matched to theproperties required by the moulders of plasticproducts. Here, the perfection and flawlessness of a plasticsurface is determined:will it be shiny, dull,smooth or structured,will it have an eleganttouch?

Besides high wear resistance, steels for plastic moulding fromEdelstahl Witten-Krefeldexhibit excellentpolishability, EDM and texturing properties, goodcorrosion resistance andeconomical machinability.

Regardless of whetherlarge plastic parts are needed, aggressive plastics have to be processed or resistanceagainst high flexural stresses is required,Edelstahl Witten-Krefeldoffers five groups of themost important steels forplastic moulding.

According to demand,therefore, case-hardeningsteels, pre-hardenedsteels, corrosion-resistantsteels, nitriding steels ormaraging steels are atyour disposal.

The delivery programmeof steels for plastic moulding from EdelstahlWitten-Krefeld covers thefollowing brand names:

- THYROPLAST®- CorroPlast®

Plastic mould steels


Plastic mould

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Product Range

Stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels from Edelstahl Witten-Krefeldare required whereversteel is exposed to forcesof nature, for example onoil platforms or chemicalinstallations.

Stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels from Edelstahl Witten-Krefeldare high-quality materialsof particularly high purityand homogeneity. Theymeet the toughesttechnical demands due totheir extreme resistance tocorrosive and mechanicalstress, high strength andelongation values andtheir very high thermalstability.

Tailor-made properties can be achieved by means of precise alloying andprocess engineering specifications for melting,forming and heattreatment.

Due to their outstandingresistance to chemical corrosion and excellentmechanical properties,stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels are the material of choice especially in the chemicalindustry, food industry,energy, medical and transport industry,aerospace applications,mining as well as onshoreand offshore industry.

The delivery programmeof stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels from Edelstahl Witten-Krefeldcovers the following brandnames:


Stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels

27 Stainless, acid and heat-resistant steels in the chemical industry

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Product Range

When machines and theircomponents are exposedto high dynamic stresses,for example, in gears ofpropeller drives, one cannotafford to compromisesteel selection.

Engineering, automobileand gear constructionwould not have advancedwithout engineeringsteels and steels for anti-friction bearings.

Whenever high surfacehardness, fatigue strengthand higher temperaturesare involved, engineeringsteels from Edelstahl Witten-Krefeld are secondto none.

Besides a great number of heat-treatable steels in different conditions ofheat treatment, case-hardening and nitridingsteels are produced forcomponents with highwear resistance, good fatigue strength and highcore strength.

Another importantapplication is steels forthe ball and roller bearingproduction. Because ofexposure to highcompressive and abrasivestresses ball and rollerbearing steels have to possess maximumhardness and a very goodcleanliness.

Edelstahl Witten-Krefeldcan achieve tailor-madeproperties for the individual requirementby fine tuning of the chemical composition.

The delivery programmeof engineering steels andsteels for anti-friction bearings from EdelstahlWitten-Krefeld covers thefollowing brand names:


Engineering steels and steels for anti-friction bearings

29Propeller drive gears

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Product Range

No other sector demandsmore from materials thanFormula 1. Only with innovatively developedmaterials like Ferro-Titanit®can some racing enginesreally get into gear.

The trademark Ferro-Titanit® stands for ametal-matrix compositemade by powder metallurgy techniquesand is a hardenable carbide tool material fromEdelstahl Witten-Krefeld.

Normally tool steels andtungsten-carbide alloysare available for tools andwear-resistant parts.Ferro-Titanit® unites theproperties of both materialgroups in an ideal way.

Depending upon theapplication Ferro-Titanit®contains up to 45 % of titanium carbide, one ofthe hardest and most

resistant carbides. Due tohigh wear resistance andlow tendency for pick-upFerro-Titanit® is particularlysuitable for cutting andforming tools, stampingtools, pelletiser knives andgranulator blades.

Outstanding resistance to shock, a high modulusof elasticity, low specificweight as well as highcompressive strength andhighest wear resistance atthe same time makeFerro-Titanit® an idealmaterial for high-speedspindles and drill rods,as well as for motor construction in racing.

Gudgeon pins and camshafts made of anespecially developed grade are running in testmotors in a promisingway. Other componentsexposed to high wear are already integral partsof racing engines.



Compression of Ferro-Titanit® powder

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